Monday, May 7, 2012

An Anime Fan First

Covering what I love, when I love it

Hobbies change, interest and likes change. Recently, over the past few months, I’ve undergone one such change which has seen an unexplainable shift in a few of my hobbies, mainly my moving away from gaming as much. I still love to spend hours lost in a fictional world but both job and the joy of parenting not to mention street hockey and jiu-jitsu have led to my shift. My focus is now turning back to anime and away from both video games and manga. Why? Good question and one I find a difficulty to explain. I found myself covering games I did not truly love or enjoy, it felt like a business and the whole reason I began writing was to express my joy as a fan. I began contradicting myself, trying to play as many games as possible to cover the entire market and I got away from the joy I found as a fan. I’ve now shifted back to playing games I truly love, Batman: Arkham City for example, and will cover these titles but as a fan again. Novels are also gold for me, especially the new Halo books which create such salivation for Halo 4 it’s hard to contain.

Manga is a little easier to talk about. It’s gone big time digital and I’m loving my Viz digital but not having full books to hold, read and review makes it tougher to cover. Groups like Tor provide solid content but with Tokyopop going the way of the dodo, well the landscape is reduced, sadly. Comics are covered, again as a fan, but more in the graphic novel collection format to get full story chunks, solid stuff.

Finally there is anime which I have so much I want to cover and the digital aspect is a god send here. Being able to watch online just allows for more availability and a broader range or reading. No media request, just go online and watch 3-5 episodes. So much fun.

So what I’m getting at is I feel refreshed. I’ve got anime, some games and novels that I feel I need to share my thoughts on and freeing myself of ‘must cover’ really helps also. No longer do I feel pressured into covering things, I do what I like which seems to me is what AnimeSentinel is all about. I’m a fan first, always have been and while my overall hobbies shift and change what I’ve found is my love for anime has not. I may not post as often but when I do it’s all about the things I enjoy … or that appall me so much I gotta slam them J


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