Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trigun: Badlands Rumble on Blu-ray Impression

Vash is back to face the consequences of his past actions

Trigun: Badlands Rumble is a sweet visit from an old friend that will leave fans wanting more and feeling far from full. Trigun along with series like Cowboy Bebop, hooked many a current anime fan and while the original series is starting to show its age this movie, Badlands Rumble, shows that an older franchise can be fired up again even if it’s not a large scale epic movie made during the anime’s original run. This is what makes Badlands Rumble very unique. The series ended years ago so seeing a movie now rewards those fans and instead of riding a hot anime wave this movie may actually help create interest in the original series. That being said it’s a fun flick to watch so let’s take a look at its parts.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise on PS3 Impression

Wanna be a crazy, sword swinging assassin? Suda 51 brings it to the PS3 with No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Original and made 100% for the PlayStation 3; No, but No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise does offer plenty to gamers who tripped along to Suda 51’s other adventures from Killer7 to Shadows of the Damned. The original adventure seen in No More Heroes 2 is here along with some decent Move support and a handful of gameplay tweaks but what else? Why should gamers looking for this unique style of gameplay venture outside of Shadows of the Damned (which was designed for PS3)? Let’s take a look.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tiger and Bunny Episodes 1-4 Impression

This duo is dynamic and puts a whole new spin on super heroes

Clocking in with over 20 episodes to date Tiger and Bunny on offers plenty of action and humor at a price that can’t be beat (free online folks, let’s do this thing). It’s an action hero anime with a game show/contest twist which reminds very much of Ratman with its sponsored heroes yet bridges a gap between traditional anime heroes and American comic book super heroes. Let’s take a look at the first four episodes which would be the average number on the first DVD of a new series and see just how this series sets up and why action, shonen anime fans as well as comic book fans should take a look.

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone Impression

Addictive gameplay that changes goals constantly and keeps gamers wanting more.

Jetpack Joyride is as addictive as any game on the iPhone … period. Crafted by Halfbrick, those of Fruit Ninja fame, Jetpack is a simple to play game with plenty of hooks and changes that keep the action rolling. The action will test gamers touch screen skills and with plenty of unlockable content there are hours to be spent, let’s take a look at what Jetpack Joyride has to offer.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night DVD Impression

A fun romp in the land of vampires, werewolves and zombies … oh my!

Dylan Dog has a long history, longer than most comics/graphic novels and his most recent iteration, from Dark Horse comics, made its way to theaters in 2011 in the form of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. This telling of the supernatural detective is easy for those unfamiliar with the franchise to jump in and enjoy but how is it for fans of the source material? Let’s take a look at both sides.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover! Impression

An interactive game that parents will enjoy letting their kids play

What? Elmo is not the headliner? Indeed this is the case with Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover! on the Nintendo Wii … sort of. While the game is titled after Grover, Elmo is front and center on the game case as well as in-game but kids won’t care. Grover, Elmo and Abby guide younger gamers on a Wii adventure full of get-up-and-move mini games that will teach and entertain kids. Having played with twin 3-1/2 year olds, let’s take a look at what RSG has to offer.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Beyblade: Metal Fusion vol. 3 DVD Impression

Seven more episodes of Beyblade add up to training, training and more training.

Volume 3 of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion on DVD takes a break from the battling action of past episodes and puts the focus on back-story for characters and on training. The only way to get stronger is to train but why should gamers and anime fans care, let’s take a look at the latest Metal Fusion.

The Story – As Gingka heads back to his village and is pursued by his friends. As they seek out Gingka both Kenta and Benkei lose to a mysterious blader named Hyouma wielding the beyblade Aries. As the group arrive at Koma Village they just missed Gingka who has traveled to the top of the snowy mountain

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tenjo Tenge manga vol. 1 Impression

More brutal and mature than the anime … yup and then some

Viz Media’s Sig Ikki line of manga has delivered one hell of a thrill ride in the manga version of Tenjo Tenge. The anime was plain awesome even if its ending left viewers wanting more and actually needing more (lots of loose ends not tied up) but there is now hope for the manga to deliver the goods, the full tale but how is it? Oh! Great’s combative excellence is in full swing and it shows quite a similar path to the anime and is plain great … if you liked the anime, a must have. How does the story line up and what about the art? Let’s take a look.

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion on PS3 Impression

Ichigo and crew make a spectacular next-generation debut

THANK THE HIGHER POWERS!!! NIS America has finally given Bleach fans a next-generation game and one to be proud of. How does such an insanely cool, action packed anime with a slew of games not have a great gaming adventure yet in the States till now? A mystery indeed, but one that need no longer be pondered as Bleach: Soul Resurreccion is out and quite fun to play. What does Ichigo has in store for fans and can noobs jump into an established franchise this far into its storyline? Let’s try to answer those questions now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Halo Cryptum: Book 1 of The Forerunner Saga Impression

Before the Spartans or Covenant there were the Forerunner’s. Who and what were they? Time to find out in Halo Cryptum Book 1

Author Greg Bear takes Halo fans into the world of the Forerunner’s. How could a civilization, so advanced, disappear from the universe leaving only their massive weapons? Encounters with the Flood will do that but how exactly did this threat and ensuing war play out? A young Forerunner will help answer these questions.

Remnant Knights and FUNimation Septemberfest

Remnant Knights unleashes Septemberfest along with FUNimation, 7-Eleven and Alienware.

So first GameSamba partners with FUNimation to promote it’s free, flagship MMORPG Remnant Knights and now they’re giving away lots of free stuff to their members. This new promotion loops in two new sponsors to join FUNimation. Both Alienware and 7-Eleven join the fray in what is being called Septemberfest and while the action began back on the first of September it continues through the end of the month, so check it out. There are daily and weekly prices as well as an Alienware Laptop grand prize with plenty of DVD’s up for grabs. All the details are below and on the official site so see if this floats your boat and give it a try.

Batman: Arkham City – The Album track list revealed

This ain’t no bat dance, it’s Batman: Arkham City – The Album

Batman: Arkham City is almost here and just announced is the official album, not soundtrack, but rocking album of music inspired by the game. It sounds intriguing and one has to wonder how much exposure were these artists given to the new game to be inspired in their tunes? Check out the official info below and track/artist list, solid!

Images: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

Just because Naruto on PSP is predictable does not make it boring

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact continues the growing ninja’s adventures on the PSP while throwing in quite a tale of Sasuke’s journey, his point of view. Large scale battles and insane boss encounters await fans of the franchise that dives right into the Shippuden storyline. Its fan base is well established and this game is right in your wheelhouse fan boys, you know who you are.

Images: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

This dragon truly is eternal

Who said Goku was done adventuring? While the anime is long over fans are still going to get some new gaming goodness in the form of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. This time fans can create and level up custom designed characters and battles familiar faces from the Z and GT timelines. The look is amazing on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 so DBZ fans really have something to sink their teeth into when Ultimate Tenkaichi hits with great graphics and music which feels pulled from the anime. 

Images: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Generations of Naruto come together

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations continues the excellent Naruto next-gen gaming experience with more characters and storyline. Much is to be revealed but the game looks as amazing as ever and with a certain knuckleheads birthday approaching it’s time to get excited all over again for more fighting and adventuring action.