Thursday, October 20, 2011

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron on PS3 Impression

Taking down renegade angels has never been this beautiful

A religious game that did not get tons o’ panties in a bunch??? It’s true as El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron delivers plenty of angel toppling action but does it in such an over the top stylistic manner that one cannot help but admire the beauty. The tale of Enoch is both beautiful and confusing yet still a game to be played by any gamer with an HD screen screaming for full use of its colors. Pretty, not even close to describing it folks so let’s take a look.

Gameplay – A third-person action game, El Shaddai puts gamers into the boots of Enoch as he does Gods work taking down the seven renegade fallen angels who have corrupted humanity and put all existence on a path to a cleansing flood. The story sets the stage for and action game that takes place in both third-person and from a 2D side-scrolling angle. Gamers and level up abilities and a variety of weapons acquired during the tale al-la God of War or Devil May Cry. Levels are massive as gamers tak on various levels of the fallen angels tower. It’s a straight forward game from the gameplay standpoint.

Graphics – If gamers simple popped in El Shaddai and watched then the game would be dang near worth the purchase on this alone. The varied style, colors and settings are unlike any collection, mixture seen in a game before and puts this puppy in the games as art category. The size and scope it dizzying at times, the sense of scale amazing and in a class all its own. Want pretty? Get El Shaddai.

Sound – Haunting but not in the gothic Castelvania style but rather a tweak I’m-in-church way. Where the visuals are strong and enthralling so too does the music wrap in the gamer.

Design – The levels are quite amazing and range in style even with how linear they are. From the graphic look it’s a wonderful design setup and if any games designers were on … something, this is it. The game leaves a lot to be desired in its goals as it’s stories design is as confusing as any game in a long, long time. A mixed bag folks as the design is both hit and miss here.

Miscellaneous – The story makes no sense. At its core this is a tale of Gods agent going to Earth to capture fallen angels who are corrupting humanity and all to keep a cleansing flood from washing away the corrupted. The way this tale unfolds, the setting, timeline and relationships is a jumbled mess. Such a failure of direction hurts what is a beautiful looking and sounding game.

Overall there is good, great and bad in El Shaddai. On one hand gamers get a game with great visuals wrapped with enthralling audio and good gameplay that’s cookie cutter third-person linear and sadly badly told story that is too confusing to tie the whole story together. A rental at best.

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  1. El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron could have done a good mixture of action and platform game with a unique look and artistic. The combat system is interesting at first, but is too repetitive and simple.