Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone Impression

Addictive gameplay that changes goals constantly and keeps gamers wanting more.

Jetpack Joyride is as addictive as any game on the iPhone … period. Crafted by Halfbrick, those of Fruit Ninja fame, Jetpack is a simple to play game with plenty of hooks and changes that keep the action rolling. The action will test gamers touch screen skills and with plenty of unlockable content there are hours to be spent, let’s take a look at what Jetpack Joyride has to offer.

Gameplay – Endless running is what gamers will do, until they get hit by a missile, zapped or cut down via laser. Gamers assume the role of Barry Steakfries (yum) who starts every game by bursting through the wall (where’s the Oh Yeah! call?) strapping on a jetpack and running. The pace picks up and gamers must avoid angled and rotating electric lines, missiles and lasers shooting at varying levels in order to, well to run. Using the jetpack Barry flies up or drifts down while collecting coins, tokens and vehicles boosts. Coins are used to purchase upgrades to jetpack and appearance while the tokens can be cashed in or used to spin for a bonus (extra life, coins, etc). The vehicles range from a flying bird machine to a teleporter to a motorcycle and even a dragon, all very cool with difference control schemes. So what’s the objective, well it varies. Gamers are presented with three goals at a time to complete, gain stars and grow in rank. The challenges get rough but gamers can purchase their solution (but where’s the fun in that). This is the joy of Jetpack as the challenges are random and change each and every game, once completed of course. Oh, make sure to submit your name to climb the online leader boards.

Graphics – Simple as expected with a nod back to games of Nintendo past. The side scrolling action never fumbles or looks back and each vehicle is unique and detailed. The items to purchase show well on Barry and will make gamers feel unique and tied to their jetpack stealing avatar. Easy to see and navigate menus don’t take away from the experience one bit.

Design – Brilliant in its simplicity and goals. The same level over and over would kill but the random coins, vehicles, lasers, missiles and objectives are quite well done. Gamers will spend hours trying to scrape Barry’s head on the ceiling for 1,000 meters … yeah it gets weird but is very enjoyable. The ability to purchase the solution to objectives means gamers can pass on those plain ridiculous or impossible for-them goals such as anything involving the transporter.

Miscellaneous – its one dollar, $1, 100 cents … great value for a game even more addictive than Fruit Ninja, one that’s stealing my time from Angry Birds.

Overall Jetpack Joyride is addictive and a great value. Great gameplay with a randomness to keep it fresh yet a skill level not to be scoffed at. Leader boards and tons to purchasable goodies and achievements await in what is indeed the next great mobile game … must have folks, must have.

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