Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum manga vol. 2 Impression

A new set of trainers continue their journey in the latest Pokémon manga

Sorry, not gonna happen. Nobody, nobody is ever going to catch them all at this rate. Pokémon keeps on rolling in the video game, anime and manga departments with new characters, settings and pocket monsters to catch. The latest manga is Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl Platinum and we’re taking a look at volume 2 of this adventure. With a comedic duo escorting a young heiress (she’s rich) the adventures feel familiar yet fresh and new with story by Hidenori Kusaka and art by Satoshi Yamamoto. What does this latest adventure offer? Simple; more of what fans love with new twists, let’s take a look.

A case of mistaken identity make hopeful comedic duo trainer Diamond and Pearl travel with young Lady, only daughter of the wealthiest family in the Sinnoh Region, as she looks to gather the materials from the peak of Mount Coronet to construct an emblem bearing her family crest. Lady believes the two trainers are her hired bodyguards while Diamond and Pearl think Lady is their tour guide on their all expenses paid tour which they won in a contest. Meanwhile the real bodyguards are trying to track down Lady. As Lady takes on gym leaders to earn badges, grow stronger, the trio finds themselves on the cycling road with a certain young lady unable to ride a bike who runs into Stunky causing a bit of an odor problem. After a bit of a cave-in issue Lady finds herself entering a talent competition and being rescued by a very eloquent trainer who just screams of being seen again. After a quick trip to a lost tower the group must make their way through the mountain to access the proper route to reach the summit and they encounter some very mysterious Pokémon. The journey continues but a larger plot is in the works as the nefarious Team Galactic is on the move with their own interest in Lady and Mt. Coronet … and just when will the actual bodyguards catch-up with Lady?

So first the art. Yamamoto does an excellent job of delivering Pokémon perfect art that is sharp and on-par with the best Pokémon art out there. Action is great looking, Pokémon look true to form while characters each sport a unique look and familiar looking clothing. Only drawback is the limited background art. There are tons of action lines and dramatic effects but only sparse true detailed backgrounds but can’t complain as the stars are the little monsters and their powers. Now the story, it’s a new cast and setting but similar concept. Trio of young kids on an adventure where a Team X (Galactic this time) gets involved for larger, more diabolical reasons. The twist is Lady’s reason for travelling and the mix-up in thinking Pearl and Diamond are her body guards and also for this duo thinking Lady is their guide. Add to this the way Diamond and Pearl use paneled comedy routines to explain what is going on, rules and concepts, and what readers get is a great entry into the Pokémon universe that does not require prior knowledge. The story is fun and relationships are easy to believe and get behind and there are of course hidden lessons about friendship and other kid appropriate content.

Pokémon fans you and old can sit down with the latest manga and truly enjoy a new adventure yet feel right at home with an old friend. Great art, fun story and some oddball humor mixes to make a unique Pokémon adventure.

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