Thursday, August 11, 2011

Network Awesome Streaming Early Anime

Curious about the early roots of anime? Check in with Network Awesome NOW to view some of these early works

Every watch Steamboat Willy or any other early cartoons here in the States? It’s fun to see how characters and concepts grew and evolved from their earliest roots and so it is with Japan also. Network Awesome is showing, right now, some of the earliest works of anime and they are free to view and enjoy. The shows range from pre to post-war content (propaganda?) to the more familiar Astro Boy so tune in and enjoy.

Overall impression of these works is the same as when viewing earlier English works. They are so similar in their origins, animation style that it’s amazing how divergent they became. The use of animation for propaganda in wartime is not new and it’s quite interesting. Along the lines of how early baseball cards were packaged with tobacco. Things that are largely viewed for kids, cartoons, started as content for adults. Somehow being animated makes it less violent? Tune in and enjoy a piece of history that really needs to be enjoyed, observed and consumed. Know your roots and the roots of that content you love.

From Network Awesome; “Network Awesome is proud to present a unique exploration of the roots of Japanese animation! This series runs this week from Aug 8-12 and then forever after on our archives. The series begins today with our earliest film, "Our Baseball Match" directed by Chuzo Aoji in 1931, then highlights the work of Kenzo Masaoka, features the first full-length color film from the era, the rare "Panda and the Magic Serpent" from 1959, and ends with Osamu Tezuka's brilliant Astro Boy series from 1963.”

Thursday - After the War: Koneko no Rakugaki – 1957, Panda and the Magic Serpent / The Tale of the White Serpent - 1958

Friday - Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy: Astro Boy: The Birth of Astro Boy (Episode 1) – 1963, Astro Boy: Colosso (Episode 1) - 196

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