Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kung Ku Kintae YouTube Impression

it’s free, funny and mature so there’s no reason not to checkout Kung Fu Kintae on YouTube

E.A. Gray is the type of person fans of pop culture, South Park and Family Guy should have a beer with. Why? Just watch Kung Fun Kintae on YouTube and viewers will discover an animated series with animation and humor to match those mentioned above with a maturity level that would embarrass a third grader. It’s great, but why? Let’s take a quick look.

The Story – Two episodes so far for kung fu master Kintae as he takes on the nefarious Chuckie Chan and his plot to distribute his evil cereal, Crack Cereal, and then a confrontation with some Vader wanna-be. The story segments are short but he humor and references are in full bloom. The character cuss, drop f-bombs in such superb manner, it’s just freaking funny. There are references to Last Dragon (love the amateur rendition) Dragon Ball Z, Enter the Dragon, Star Wars, Coming to America and even some Final Fantasy music thrown in. It’s full of little references like these and the core fight of Kintae vs. Chuckie Chan and involvement with the mysterious Mr. Who is fun and easy to digest. Turn brain off and enjoy.

The Animation – Series like South Park and many Adult Swim titles come to mind but the best reference point is actual PaRappa the Rapper, the old PlayStation game. The characters are flat, cutout looking and it’s seen when characters move and even the color style is bright and vivid, simple like PaRappa and South Park. The fight scenes are funny to boot, it works and works well on many levels.

The Voice Work – Gotta mention this as the characters sound awesome and music is mixed in well, it rocks. Best has to be Chuckie Chan, what a nice stereotype he is.

Overall E.A. Gray has created one hell of a funny series that is unique yet so familiar. Fans of South Park, Family Guy and especially the more indie Adult Swim content should check it out. Unique and it’s free, can’t beat that. Watch Episode 1 Now.

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