Monday, August 15, 2011

Change comes to DC Comics; The New 52

The New 52 from DC Comics. What’s it mean, let’s take a gander

52, yes fifty-two! DC Comics, on August 31st 2011, will do something very bold and release, renumber the entire DC Universe line of comics. This means 52 issue #1’s and a new look, a more updated and relevant look for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Justice League and more. It’s a radical idea but just how radical is it really? How many offshoots, one time stories and re-tellings have readers seen over the years? The core mechanics for each character and their universe are set; this is not a combining of a Super Batman type hero but a new telling. So what’s it mean, what are some of the details? Let’s take that gander we mentioned.

New Issues – 52 x market value = get to work and earn some dough for a slew of new comics that allow readers to get on from the first floor. Action Comics, Detective Comics … who has a copy of #1? It’s a new beginning but not a new venture like Image Comics back in the 90’s. These are established characters that are getting revamps and if readers are fans of the various animated shows for DC properties then these new issues will feel warm, comfy and cozy.

New Costumes – Jim Lee, Cully Hamner and Mark Chiarello are the minds behind over 50 new costume designs that make modern those that are iconic. Easy task, not quite but with these three doing the heavy lifting the faith is there.

Diversity – Interesting angle from DC, but the focus on a diversified cast across the board means minority characters are not just throw ins but solid primary characters. As DC points out they include; Cyborg, Static Shock, Blue Beetle, Batwing (aka the Batman of Africa), Firestorm, Mr. Terrific, the Atom and Voodoo, and LGBT characters like Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter, and Voodoo.

Imaginations Unleashed – Creative minds such as Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are just two of the folks behind these new 51. There is a ton of top level, bright, brilliant and amazing minds collaborating on these various titles. They bring their own takes and re-takes to each series so this is a lot of experience and plain awesomeness put towards these new #1’s.

Going Digital – DC Comics has long been available on smart phones and tablets and this reach makes the consumption by readers all the easier, portable and easier on the pockets.

Overall the future looks very bright and exciting. Personally I’ve always loved the Elseworlds, ‘what if’ stories found annually for established characters and now fans get a chance to see this concept in a standard format which plain rocks. It’s a new take on so much, so many characters that it’s close to overwhelming so get ready DC fans, the future is about to get very wild with the new 52.

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