Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kung Ku Kintae YouTube Impression

it’s free, funny and mature so there’s no reason not to checkout Kung Fu Kintae on YouTube

E.A. Gray is the type of person fans of pop culture, South Park and Family Guy should have a beer with. Why? Just watch Kung Fun Kintae on YouTube and viewers will discover an animated series with animation and humor to match those mentioned above with a maturity level that would embarrass a third grader. It’s great, but why? Let’s take a quick look.

Basic Anatomy for the Manga Artist Impression

A lesson in anatomy targeted at manga but useful for any artist.

Christopher Hart does it again. Basic Anatomy for the Manga Artist takes a complex topic, human anatomy, and spins it in a manner which is easy to digest for any aspiring manga artist while remaining invaluable as a long standing reference guide. The large format and vivid visuals help to drive home the core lessons and it offers great starting off points for artist to explore as they develop and continue their own style. Let’s take a look at the contents of this latest guide and see how they can impact each artist.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Catherine on PlayStation 3 Impression

A mature blending of anime and gaming in the curvaceous Catherine

Catherine blends awesome animation, addictive and challenging puzzles with conversation trees that will determine the outcome for poor old Vincent. Known more for their niche and hardcore RPG’s it’s great to see publisher Atlus putting out a true, next-gen, HD title that is so different and rewarding. Anime fans will be craving a games free version of the haunting tale while gamers will spend hours solving similar puzzles with new and deadly twists. So what’s this love triangle of Vincent, Catherin and Katherine all about? Let’s take a look.

Alert App for Gamers and Anime Fans; Worth it?

A new app that helps fans aggregate the best of their Facebook feeds, but is it any good?

Many gamers and anime fans follow their favorite series and games on Facebook from Angry Birds to Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Bleach but while content is always ever flowing from publishers into Facebook how can fans keep up? One answer looks to be Alert; an app available on iPhone that takes content from Facebook and puts forth that user’s content, non friend content, into an easy to use and digest feed. Why should Facebook users, gamers and otaku alike, look to use another app when they have Facebook? Let’s take a look at what makes Alert special. (Please note this app was brought to my attention by an acquaintance from the creative company behind Alert to which I’m looking to see how practical it is to my interest.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum manga vol. 2 Impression

A new set of trainers continue their journey in the latest Pokémon manga

Sorry, not gonna happen. Nobody, nobody is ever going to catch them all at this rate. Pokémon keeps on rolling in the video game, anime and manga departments with new characters, settings and pocket monsters to catch. The latest manga is Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl Platinum and we’re taking a look at volume 2 of this adventure. With a comedic duo escorting a young heiress (she’s rich) the adventures feel familiar yet fresh and new with story by Hidenori Kusaka and art by Satoshi Yamamoto. What does this latest adventure offer? Simple; more of what fans love with new twists, let’s take a look.

Dungeon Siege III Impression

An old-school feeling action-RPG that lets gamers get in and play and do so with easy … gotta love Dungeon Siege III

The gap between action-RPG’s on PC vs. console has closed, not just gotten closer but closed. Want proof? Look no further than Dungeon Siege III from Square Enix and gamers will find a game as deep, engaging and fun ad any Diablo wanna-be, which DSIII is not (a wanna-be folks). The game is fun, easy to engage in and deep with hours of time just waiting to be spent. So what’s the hook, why is Dungeon Siege III so much fun not to mention a joy to play? Let’s take a look.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Katanagatari vol. 1 Blu-ray DVD combo Impression

Family heritage and duty lead to an epic animated journey.

Katanagatari from NIS America is one of the companies newer anime titles and the most unique. Its mixture of unique animation and art combines with a time and story that reminds of titles like Kenshin yet is so unique and exquisite. A truly enjoyable anime but not one for every fan so what’s to love? Let’s take a look.

Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions on 3DS

Let the retro 3DS craze begin with two classics, Pac-Man and Galaga

Another collection of old arcade games? Another collection or revamped arcade games? Well, yes on both fronts but worth the price of admission people as Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions on Nintendo 3DS is all that’s great about both titles where the new truly outshine the old and some 3D is thrown in for good measure. It’s a trip down memory lane that shows just how far these titles have come from their first table top adventures. Gamers of all ages, get ready for a trip down memory lane and a trip to create your memory lane.

Dual Pen Sports on 3DS Impression

Own a 3DS? Like sports games? Go now and get Dual Pen Sports.

Dual Pen Sports is a nice fit on the Nintendo 3DS with its mixture of quick to play games, variety of game types and use of the 3D features in the system. It comes with two stylus but note only one can touch the screen at a time so gamers may prefer to stick with one as this gets the job done in most of the sports. So how well does this new sports outing perform and why should fans of both quick to play sports games and Nintendo’s handheld pickup a copy, well, let’s take a look.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Change comes to DC Comics; The New 52

The New 52 from DC Comics. What’s it mean, let’s take a gander

52, yes fifty-two! DC Comics, on August 31st 2011, will do something very bold and release, renumber the entire DC Universe line of comics. This means 52 issue #1’s and a new look, a more updated and relevant look for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Justice League and more. It’s a radical idea but just how radical is it really? How many offshoots, one time stories and re-tellings have readers seen over the years? The core mechanics for each character and their universe are set; this is not a combining of a Super Batman type hero but a new telling. So what’s it mean, what are some of the details? Let’s take that gander we mentioned.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thundercats on Cartoon Network Impression

A new take on a classic 80’s cartoon; say hello to the new Thundercats

So Cartoon Network has taken another classic series and re-invented it in the form of the new Thundercats, now airing on Friday’s at 8:30. All the characters are here but of course this more fleshed out story has more emotional moments and feels more epic. We meet Lion-O’s father (voiced by the original Lion-O) as well as a very strong Jaga, brother Tygra, Cheetara as fast and sleek as ever, a less vocal Snarf and one nasty looking, army leading Mumm-ra … and this is just the tip of the iceberg. So what’s the story like and how about the acting and animation? Let’s take a closer look at this new series first episode.

Ready Player One Novel Impression

In a bleak future where the masses struggle, a simple game, a grand hunt, holds the key to riches, fame and a better life. Are you Ready Player One?

Ernest Cline has crafted and epic adventure with Ready Player One that is part game, part fantasy, part sci-fi and wholly awesome. In a fairly believable future a grand game left by a deceased genius holds the key to vast riches and control of the one system, Oasis, which governs just about everything. This online utopia is an escape for all of civilization and when its ownership is put up for grabs with just a few puzzles to solve, well then who’s going to win? Mr. Cline, you have created a grand adventure that was a true joy to read and brought back many fond memories from the 80’s and 90’s but what is it about Ready Player One that was so enjoyable? Let’s take a gander shall we …

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blue Exorcist manga vol. 2 Impression

Rin gets into the swing of things at True Cross Academy

Many manga, most actually, can be grouped based on their core story, art, character types and action to name a few items. It’s rare when a manga feels new and original so it’s with great pleasure to talk about Kazue Kato’s creation, Blue Exorcist. While it does share the spiritual and school angle of other manga, Blue Exorcist feels fresh and original with an art style, story, pacing and characters that are fun and engaging. In a manga landscape full of copies and imitations, Blue Exorcist has managed to separate itself while touting some very strong, established, story elements. How is this possible, let’s take a look at volume 2 of Blue Exorcist and see how the son of Satan is fairing.

Network Awesome Streaming Early Anime

Curious about the early roots of anime? Check in with Network Awesome NOW to view some of these early works

Every watch Steamboat Willy or any other early cartoons here in the States? It’s fun to see how characters and concepts grew and evolved from their earliest roots and so it is with Japan also. Network Awesome is showing, right now, some of the earliest works of anime and they are free to view and enjoy. The shows range from pre to post-war content (propaganda?) to the more familiar Astro Boy so tune in and enjoy.

Rurouni Kenshin OVA: Trust & Betrayal Live Streaming, August 20th

Nico Nico Douga presents a live stream simultaneously in Japan, Canada and the United States

Free streaming anime is a thing of joy and one to be shared. Checkout the excellent Rurouni Kenshin OVA: Trust  and Betrayal thanks to Nico Nico Live. From the press release here are some details which I’m also working through;

“This once in a lifetime streaming event will go LIVE on August 20th (Sat) 14:00~16:05 in Japan and on August 19th (Fri) 22:00~24:05 US pacific standard time in North America. This special event is part of the celebration for Rurouni Kenshin's 15 year anniversary since its original TV airing in Japan. This is also a launch event for the August 24th Blu-Ray Release of Rurouni Kenshin OVA: Trust & Betrayal (Tsuioku-hen) simultaneously in both Japan and North America. Audiences in Japan, U.S.A and Canada can enjoy this LIVE STREAM event together with Japanese Audio and English Subtitles.”

So yeah, it’s that simple. Check out Animplex Rurouni Kenshin page for details of this and future releases (OVA Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection (Seiso-hen) anyone :) and be sure to Watch It Here.

Futurama volume 5 Blu-ray Impression

Wanna go on an updated Bender?

So Family Guy goes off the air, is gone for years but gets amazing backing online and soon sees a revival to the franchise thanks, in large part, to Adult Swim. Now Family Guy along with American Dad and The Cleveland Show, are mainstays on Fox. Another show began to forge a similar path, first on Adult Swim but now on Comedy Central and that show is Futurama. Now on season 8, the franchise has indeed found new life but being on Comedy Central at a later (10 PM) time slot it’s not quite received the same success as Family Guy but none the less, it should not be ignored by anime and comedy fans. So what’s to love about these past three, new, seasons? Let’s take a look at the revival that was volume 5 (the first collection of Season 6, work with me folks).

Remnant Knights from GameSamba Impression

Looks like anime. Taste like anime. Is it anime … almost. Say hello to Remnant Knights anime fans, it’s time to play

UPDATE: August 16, 2011- GameSamba announced today that its free-to-play MMORPG, Remnant Knights, is entering open beta. Servers will be made available for play starting at noon PST on Tuesday, August 16th. All players who create accounts at will gain immediate access to the open beta. During this final phase, players will be able to reach level 60. In addition, all zones will be made available for players to enjoy and explore.

GameSamba’s online game Remnant Knights sports a very unique, anime look and feel and follows many of the known story conventions found in RPG’s and fantasy anime in general. They’ve partnered with anime publisher FUNimation to form a strategic alliance that will promote a game with content in line with the anime FUNimation puts out, so totally worth brining up as it’s go time folks. Beside the anime roots found in Remnant Knights why else should anime fans and gamers care? Let’s take a look.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 pre-order goodness

Why pre-order CoD: MW3? Simple, free stuff folks, free stuff!!!

From time-to-time there are games and pre-order bonuses that need to be mentioned and this is one of them. GameStop is hooking up Modern Warfare 3 pre-order peeps with chances to win early pre-order items. Some opportunities have expired, just check out the site but there are still two more chances so GO NOW!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rio DVD and Angry Birds Rio Impression

Who knew watching a blue macaw could be this much fun and that flinging him (and other birds) could be even better

Rio is the tale of a blue macaw heading back to his homeland where he discovers his roots long since forgotten while Angry Birds Rio takes the same macaw, named Blu, into a world where flinging birds is a joy and necessity to save those he cares for. Sounds odd but don’t think too much about this latest crossover of feature film and mobile game. The film is superbly animated while the game takes the Angry Birds formula and creates a unique take on the films story. Let’s take a closer look at the film then chime in on some Angry Birds.