Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Child of Eden with Kinect Impression

Your body is the weapon in Child of Eden

Ignore its lack of length; the time Child of Eden gives gamers is pure visual bliss that shows why Kinect is needed by gamers looking for something new. In much the manner that Wii Sports (cough, bowling) made the odd named system a must have for casual and non-gamers, so too will Eden hook many a hardcore gamers with its mixture of solid gameplay and visual/audio fusion.

Gameplay – Familiar with Rez, a cult classic from creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi? Don’t worry if not because even as Child of Eden is the spiritual successor, Rez is not a needed prerequisite to truly enjoy Eden. It’s a shooter that utilizes Kinect in beautiful manners where gamer’s arms control weapons which in turn set the tone, beat and pace of the music. Yes it can be played with a normal controller but this is why Kinect is needed gamers, Child of Eden delivers gameplay that takes getting used to but flows once played for a few hours. Gamers move their body creating the beats while flailing about and destroying the baddies.

Graphics – Trippy and amazing in HD, the graphics match the music which matches the gamer’s progress and makes Eden a truly visual immersive experience. Some of the settings, backgrounds and ‘characters’ are plain entrancing and gorgeous. Showing off the power of both Kinect, 360 and what an HDTV can do, rock solid.

Sound – Get ready to play for the music as the beats rock and are truly worthy of a CD purchase. The music is hands down the main reason to play Child of Eden but only by a bit over the visuals and overall gameplay, it’s just a rock solid package.

Design – The use of Kinect is perfect and the manner and levels in which the story of Eden unfolds is enjoyable and well done. The overall game length is frankly too short so hopefully download content is on the way. A game that truly shows off what Kinect can do and how free gamers can be in a gamers game, not some casual offering. Yes the learning curve is a bit steep but when taking on a game where gamer’s body is the sole controller with various firing options, well it’s like stepping into that first game of Mario Bros. all over again, simple yet difficult.

Miscellaneous – The music is awesome and the use of Kinect is rock solid. What a great way to use a newer controller and have one hell of a fun time doing it.

Overall, owners of Kinect owe it to themselves to own Child of Eden. It’s a visual and auditory feast that, while short, will make gamers love their gaming choice and learn to move their body in new ways while saving Eden.

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