Thursday, June 23, 2011

BioShock: Rapture novel preview

Take a look at an excerpt from Tor Books BioShock: Rapture

With BioShock: Infinite not hitting until 2012 what are gamers to do to fulfill their cravings for more of the extraordinary Irrational world? Simple, pick up BioShock: Rapture from Tor Books this July. Check out the preview and check in with author John Shirley at Comic-Con in San Diego. Good times so get reading and learn more about BioShock.

"John Shirley is the Bram Stoker-award winning author of Black Butterflies, as well as an acclaimed songwriter and screenwriter. He’s perhaps best known for penning the script of Alex Proyas’ noir masterpiece The Crow, and he brings his talent for dark, cinematic storytelling to this new project. Shirley will be signing San Diego Comic-Con the week his novel comes."

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