Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Pokemon Video Game Washington D.C. Area Regional Championships

Local winners get their opportunity to compete for the Pokémon National Title

The 2011 Pokémon Video Game Regional Championships served up some great gaming this past weekend with 048 competitors earning invitations to compete in the National Tournament in Indianapolis, IN, this July. The 2011 Pokémon Video Game Washington D.C. area Regional Championships in Chantilly, VA saw these 48 players gain their spots after hours of intense completion. The Dulles Expo Center hosted three age divisions, Junior, Senior and Masters and while the next step is Nationals the ultimate goal is the 2011 Pokémon Video Game World Championships this August in San Diego, CA.

Here is a full list of the top four winners in order of finish in each division:

1st Place - Brendon Zheng (Age 8)
Fresh Meadows, NY

2nd Place - Ryan Pascual (Age 9)
Fairfax, VA

3rd Place - Alex Cohen (Age 10)
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

4th Place - Grace Arnold (Age 10)
Frankfort, IL

1st Place - Aaron Zheng (Age 13)
Fresh Meadows, NY

2nd Place - Vincent Taylor (Age 13)
South Brunswick, NJ

3rd Place - Nitesh Manem (Age 13)
McLean, VA

4th Place - Noah Lawson (Age 13)
Acton, MA

1st Place - Wolfe Alexander Glick (Age 15)
McLean, VA

2nd Place - Mitchell Horning (Age 18)
Baltimore, MD

3rd Place - Alvin Hidayat (Age 19)
Rockville, MD

4th Place - Tyler Hagan (Age 16)
Dayton, OH

Here are some official details of the remaining road and rules …

These Pokémon champs join other Pokémon video game players competing in Regional competitions in six cities throughout the U.S. for a chance to battle at the National Championships. The list of cities hosting 2011 Pokémon Regional video game tournaments includes:

May 14 - Seattle, WA
May 21 - San Jose, CA
May 28 - Dallas, TX
June 4 - Atlanta, GA
June 11 - Washington, D.C.
June 18 - Newark, NJ
July 8 - Indianapolis, IN *
*Last Chance Qualifier for Nationals

It is not necessary to win a Regional Championship event to attend the National Championships, so even players who haven't participated in a Regional tournament are welcome to travel to Indianapolis to play in the Last Chance Qualifier July 8 at the Indiana Convention Center for a chance to compete in the National Championships that weekend. The top eight Pokémon Trainers in each division at the National Championships will earn an invitation to the ultimate stage-the 2011 Pokémon Video Game World Championships in San Diego on August 12-14. Players at the World Championships have a chance to win international travel packages, trophies, and special Pokémon prize packages.

For more information about the Pokémon Video Game Championship series, including rules, tournament locations, dates and times, prizes, and more please visit

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