Thursday, May 26, 2011

X-Men: Destiny Character Bio: Grant Alexander

Grant Alexander joins the X-Men: Destiny crew.

Gamers have already been introduced to Aimi Yoshida and now it’s time to meet the next member of the crew in X-Men: Destiny video game hitting consoles this September. Grant Alexander goes from the football field to battling alongside Aimi and others in the third-person action/RPG. The concept of controlling ones evolution will add an unique twist as these characters are not locked into an already established doctrine of moves, nope; the sky is indeed the limit. More to come as additional characters are introduced.

Name: Grant Alexander
Background: Sandersville, Georgia
Ambition: To be a football superstar
Back Story: Grant is in San Francisco hoping to land a starting spot for the University of California, Berkeley, Varsity Squad. Oblivious to the world tensions, Grant doesn’t see that the peace rally and threatening protesters around him have any connection to his life. When he discovers his own mutant powers, Grant is faced with the realization that mutant/human relations are absolutely his problem.

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  1. i love X men since i was in junoir high school ..LOL... i cant wait to see this character in action ...

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