Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ridge Racer 3D Impression

A Nintendo system launch; Ridge Racer enter stage left

Ridge Racer 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is the perfect launch title. It delivers solid gameplay that’s familiar and fun while showing off a bit of what the new system is all about. There is nothing truly new or revolutionary under this hood, just a reliable, dependable game that delivers the goods yet again.

Gameplay – Gamers can race in Grand Prix or take the action into versus mode or even race ghost data obtained from whomever gamers pass on the street with a 3DS turned on with data. At its core, at its heart this is the same Ridge Racer gamers have come to love … or not. There are upgrades to cars and opponents and gamers will be challenged, a perfect racing fix on the new 3DS. The races can be flattened from 3D giving a normal gaming race feel so don’t worry about your eyeballs going all over the place. Its Ridge Racer drift racing on the 3DS and it works well, very well.

Graphics – It’s in 3D and passes by pretty fast but contains just enough detail to move the game along. Ridge Racer is not about amazing environmental details, it’s about racing and the cars look solid as do the tracks. The use of 3D or flattening to 2D will not detract from the gameplay experience. Sadly as DS owners know by now, the graphic power of Nintendo’s handheld just can’t compare to those of the PSP or PS2. Portable GameCube graphics and not always the best, is what DS offers and Ridge Racer is at the higher end of the third party spectrum but not quite on the level of the Street Fighters of the world (yet).

Sound – Enjoy the techno tracks, some iconic to Ridge Racer, others not so much but all move the races along, very nice. The commentator is drinking too much Red Bull, but the encouragement and race updates is nice for those needing a good pick-me-up.

Design – The courses are all familiar as are the controls and the use of the control stick is refreshing. Going 3D or not will neither truly add or take away from the gaming experience. Being able to get ghost data via StreetPass is nice, but how many gamers are actually walking around with the system on sleep?

Miscellaneous – It’s Ridge Racer in 3D at a console launch. Not much more to add, nice game, nice effects, fun and entertaining … yup, that’s it.

Overall Ridge Racer has always been a fun racer that gamers and their buddies can lose hours playing. 3D is no exception as the formula remains true to its roots with plenty of modes, good graphics and sound and gameplay that’s just addictive. This is not the be-all-end-all of 3D titles on 3DS but it is a nice launch title to put the system through its paces.

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  1. Sounds good. I hope it has a unique feature that is different to other car racing games.