Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Impression

The PSP gets more doodtastic Prinny action

Prinny is back, has been back, for another adventure on PSP in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Despite its comical aspects and awesome humor what lies beneath the surface is one heck of a fun gaming experience that PSP owners owe it to themselves to take a shot at. It’s quick, fun, accessible and worth a spin, so what makes it so? Let’s take a look.

Gameplay – From finding a pastry to finding a pair of missing panties. Yup, the life (afterlife) of Disgaea’s beloved Prinny is never easy. Serving the no-tempered Etna, our hero Prinny must track down a missing pair of panties, yup panties. Action is old-school platforming action, well done and tons of fun with simple attacked and butt smashes. Enemies get tougher and boss battles can be a fun challenge and … that’s it. It’s more platforming with Prinny folks. Just don’t get hit, especially while jumping, as Prinny is not very sturdy and will die a lot.

Graphics – Sprite based characters with the same design and overall look and feel from the first game are present in part 2. How best to describe the vivid, bright and well done graphics is to say Prinny 2 is more like Prinny 1.5. Yup, more an expansion pack on the look and feel. Heck, nothing has changed from the first game, not bad with how good the first Prinny looked but still.

Sound – The music begun with Disgaea continues in Prinny 2 with familiar and catchy tunes. The game sounds good, music is solid and limited voice work is well delivered dood.

Design – Very similar to the original but diaper mode, collecting diapers on the easier setting, AWESOME! Stage selecting reminds of titles such as Mega Man and the day/night mechanic and difficulty changes make playing levels over very worthwhile.

Miscellaneous – What is Asagi Wars? A nice unlockable for after gamers beat Prinny 2. This additional campaign uses a different gameplay style as gamers take control of Asagi and a ton of guns

Overall don’t let the funny title fool you. Dawn of Operation Panties offers up plenty of platforming challenge and re-playability in a setting that’s a joy to see and listen too. Just a fun gaming experience on the PSP with all the right challenges and modes needed.


  1. yo!
    this game is great but it breakes your nerves to pass it.

  2. looks like a good game to me better go buy it someday when im at gamestop!