Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue Exorcist on Viz Anime Impression

How would you feel if you found out you’re the son of Satan?

Viz Anime’s latest title is shaping up to be one fun, demonic adventure. How much can one episode tell about an anime series, let’s take a look after a quick viewing of episode 1 of Blue Exorcist on Viz Anime. The manga can be seen in the latest Shonen Jump and both share the same story and action.

Rin is nothing like his twin brother Yukio. He’s a bit of a slacker, not good at school (he never goes) and he can’t hold down a job. On top of that he gets in fights and all this while being the adopted son of Father Fujimoto. On the eve his brother is to leave for the exclusive True Cross Academy, Rin finally finds a job he’s good at only to encounter a strange little person causing mischief who leads to Rin getting fired, again. This little person encounter signals the beginning of massive changes in Rin’s young 15-year old life. The next day, as his brother departs, Rin sees little things floating everywhere, almost like ash. Following these Rin encounters some bullies he fought the day before, one of which gets really aggressive and insults Yukio, which of course sets Rin off. As the two fight something inside Rin awakens as he’s engulfed in blue flame and before his eyes the bully turns into a demon calling himself Astaroth. He informs Rin that his lineage, his father, is the demon of all demons, Satan himself. Before he can be pushed further Father Fujimoto shows up and exorcises the demon and introduces Rin to his new world. Demons inhabit one world, the Empty Realm of Gehenna while humans inhabit the Material world of Assiah which demons are not permitted in but sometimes it happens. Rin’s mother just happened to encounter Satan with Rin being the result. As his powers are now awake demons from all around the globe will see him out. Yes, life is going to be very interesting for Rin.

For one episode Blue Exorcist sure shows a lot of promise. The animation is rock solid and polished with crisp character design and detailed environments. The battle sequences and effects pop off screen with great contrast to the normal world created for Rin. The unique personality of Father Fujimoto reminds of a cross between Vash the Stampede and something from Hellsing. Very good look and feel to this series so far and Rin is not even in full swing with his powers yet.

Now the story is where the real promise lays with this first episode as Rin just comes into his own at the very end, the curve ball is lobbed and … the credits roll. See this first episode sets the stage amazingly in who/what Rin is, his surrounding cast including his father and brother and that’s not even talking about how True Cross Academy will come into play. Yes, this story has much potential and from the promo image viewers can see the additional characters yet to be introduced.

Overall Blue Exorcist, the first episode, was very enjoyable and fun to watch. There is still much to learn in this series but for a first episode, one which can lose many viewers, this should hook. It’s action, it’s humor and soon to be some awkward school situations (trust me). A rock solid entry for Viz that shonen anime fans should dig so get ready to enjoy the tale of Satan’s son.

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