Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catherine video game character bios

More screens and some character bios for Atlus sultry video game Catherine

Catherine is only a few short weeks away so to kill time waiting checkout these new screenshots and character bios for the leading ladies, and Vincent, in Catherine on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sex: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: ?
The seductive beauty who suddenly appears to Vincent. This startling seductress steps into Vincent's life from out of nowhere and immediately throws his relationship with Katherine in jeopardy. Her coquettish charm grabs a hold of Vincent's heart, even as her free spirit and potent sexuality grab a hold of... other parts of his mind and body. Without warning, everything in Vincent's life becomes twisted around Catherine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Q1 2011 gaming report – Nintendo DS, 3DS and PSP

Three months of gaming in the books, how is 2011 shaping up for Nintendo DS, 3DS and the PSP?

While the console market had a strong title showing in the first quarter of 2011 the handheld space is in an odd position. Smartphone’s and tablets are becoming more dominant and available while receiving many of the same types of games that traditionally show up on Nintendo DS and even PSP. The one differentiator this quarter is the new Nintendo 3DS but even the unique gameplay is still not established enough. Handhelds are at a crossroads but that’s the future, let’s focus on the past that is Q1 2011.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Q1 2011 gaming report – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Three months of gaming in the books, how is 2011 shaping up for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii?

With three months gone and done since the holiday season it’s time to take count of the good in gaming for the first quarter of 2011. January, February and March were provided with some outstanding games in 2011 on home consoles but not much in the way of game exclusives. As cost remain high, publishers and developers look to produce titles for every system leading to fewer system exclusive titles. Even the motion controls of the Wii are no longer a selling point alone with both PlayStation Move and Kinect in the fold. Multi-platform rule the day with exclusive download content, a new trend, yes, and one which will be with gamers for quite a while. So what did each console offer up this quarter, let’s take a look.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue Exorcist on Viz Anime Impression

How would you feel if you found out you’re the son of Satan?

Viz Anime’s latest title is shaping up to be one fun, demonic adventure. How much can one episode tell about an anime series, let’s take a look after a quick viewing of episode 1 of Blue Exorcist on Viz Anime. The manga can be seen in the latest Shonen Jump and both share the same story and action.

Rin is nothing like his twin brother Yukio. He’s a bit of a slacker, not good at school (he never goes) and he can’t hold down a job. On top of that he gets in fights and all this while being the adopted son of Father Fujimoto.

MLB 11: The Show Impression

How does PlayStation Move spice up the best baseball title on PS3?

The baseball season is still early but already contenders are rounding into shape and early surprises are starting to fall back to earth. So many games left to play but with MLB 11: The Show on PlayStation 3 gamers can speed up the end results a bit sooner and even have the Royals and Nationals in contention deep into the season. What’s to love in this spring’s latest hardball offering as the boys of summer take to the virtual PS3 field? Let’s take a look.

2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Schedule Announced

Gamers get ready for the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Series at local venues

First Pokemon Black and Pokemon White hit the Nintendo DS and now the latest annual edition of the Video Game Champiionshops are announced. Starting on May 14th in the United States and Europre on June 4th, gamers will get a chance to battle head-to-head with other trainers with a spot in the World Championship on the line. The 2011 Pokémon World Championships will be held August 12-14 in San Diego, CA.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gears of War 3 Screenshots

Yummy images for Gears of War 3

As Gears of War 3 gets closer to launch it’s time to sustain on some sweet screenshots.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Home’s Fox Deity vol. 1 Impression

A unique blend of relationships, humor, action and Japanese lore adds up to a truly enjoyable anime in Our Home’s Fox Deity

What would you do if a fox deity came to live with you, to protect your family? This is a question the Takagami brothers, Noboru and Toru, must answer thanks to the heritage passed on by their deceased mother. Our Home’s Fox Deity volume 1 from NIS America offers up a mixture of the spiritual heritage of Japan and it’s modern day school and daily life. Worrying about budget and a fox demon, quite a burden but the boys manage. What else is there to like, if not love, about Fox Deity? Let’s take a gander …

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nintendo 3DS; the good, bad and ugly

The latest version of Nintendo’s DS line of handhelds is here so is it time to reinvest for gamers?

And the big N keeps on rolling. Nintendo recently released the latest iteration of the DS in the form of the Nintendo 3DS. The name highlights the main new feature and that’s 3D gameplay.

The Good – Besides some sweet non-glass 3D gameplay what else is there to love about this new and delicious handheld?

The 3rd Birthday on PSP Impression

Aya finally returns but this is not your father’s Parasite Eve

Remember Parasite Eve? No, no problem because the third game in the franchise, The 3rd Birthday on PSP, stands very well on its own two feet with plenty of background for those that care but more important solid gameplay.

Gameplay – Third-person action meets stat building and leveling up pulled from an RPG. Gamers assume the role of Aya as a member of the Counter Twisted Investigation (CTI) group. She is the only person capable of using the Overdive system, a system which allows Aya to travel back in time, take control of people there to interact with and change the past. Think of the agents in The Matrix and the jumping around piece makes sense. Aya is trying to recover her memory while fighting monsters called the Twisted. Gamers run and gun, throw grenades, take cover and blow up enemies but good from a third-person perspective. Aya can upgrade via a sphere/DNA grid and she must also manage weapons which will break. Overdive is how she jumps into the past and takes control of people there and Liberation is her bullet time, slow down, effect name. Throw in some vehicular segments and PSP owners get one meaty adventure.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hyperdimension Neptunia on PS3 Impression

Online goddesses and plenty of reading awaits PS3 owners

NIS delivers what fans want and said fans know exactly what this means. The types of games delivered by NIS America are very niche and fan driven focusing on the older school of RPG gaming. The Ar tonelico and Disgaea series are both long running and very niche in their appeal and very unique in their humor and inside jokes. They please the J-RPG’er in us as well as the anime Otaku. One of their more recent releases, Hyperdimension Neptunia for PlayStation 3 continues this trend and offers up an adventure in-line with the past but one feeling similar to the Persona series. What’s the appeal in Neptunia, why should RPG fans take notice, let’s take a look.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Impression

The PSP gets more doodtastic Prinny action

Prinny is back, has been back, for another adventure on PSP in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Despite its comical aspects and awesome humor what lies beneath the surface is one heck of a fun gaming experience that PSP owners owe it to themselves to take a shot at. It’s quick, fun, accessible and worth a spin, so what makes it so? Let’s take a look.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Comics and Video Games Collide

Green Lantern, The Darkness and Spider-Man ... oh my! Comics to video games and back again galore.

Video games and comics go hand-in-hand and given the commercial success of recent comic based movies now there are three. Movies based on comics with video game tie-ins and ones that deliver the goods in gameplay and story. The most recent is Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters which goes hand-in-hand with the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie. The game looks solid as seen in these new screenshots with a more cartoony look on the Nintendo 3DS.

Second announced title, sans the movie tie-in, is Spider-Man: Edge of Time which marries two (only two this time) Spidey universes in a time spanning adventure. It looks very pretty and we shall have to see how the story plays out.

Third and final is The Darkness II which is getting the comic book treatment based on the video game based on the comic. No, nothing near as cosmic bad as Street Fighter The Movie Video Game but still a funny path to follow.

So why I am chatting about these? Well first is to share the links of new images, news and details but second is to spread the love for a trio of games that really look poised to deliver the goods and hopefully encourage more good games based on comics and anime we love. Support the industry.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Camilla d'Errico Crocodile Fish at Magic Girls exhibit

As seen April 1st at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles

Missed it or just not in LA, don’t fret Camilla d’Errico fans. Below is Camilla’s contribution to the Meltdown Comics event on April 1st called ‘Magic Girls: Art Inspired by Shojo Manga.’ This piece, called Crocodile Fish, shows off just one pieces of a very cool event that fans of Shojo and its art styles should check out. The event runs until the 22nd of April so get on over if in town. For me I’m just now learning more about Camilla and this work is quite impressive as is the list of resources to see more. Here is the list, check it out and become a fan. Support is awesome folks, let’s have at this.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vampire Knight vol. 1 DVD Impression

A tale of pretty vampires and prettier girls with no annoying Seattle humans involved.

A school that teaches both a Night and Day class, one made of vampires, the other of humans. In Vampire Knight from Viz Yuki is given the difficult t task of keeping the two groups separate while maintaining the night classes secret. No easy task as childhood friend and fellow Disciplinary Committee member Zero Kiryu harbors deep hatred for vampires while all the young ladies on campus want a piece of the beautiful night class students. What’s a girl to do, let’s take a look.

Game reviews, it’s just an opinion

Use game reviews to guide your decision but not make if for you

Video games are very fanbase driven. Not a sports fan, well then the latest Madden no matter how fantastic won't appeal. Not into first person shooting games, well forget about Halo and Call of Duty. Fact is even bad games get bought and enjoyed by small pockets of fans. There's a reason that the very bad controlling Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout on PlayStation was selling for into the $300's on eBay years ago. A fanbase makes even bad games successful. For this reason game reviews on websites and in magazines need to be approached with a huge grain of salt. No matter how bad, or good, a game may be it may not appeal to everyone. A review is an impression folks, an opinion of that one reviewer. Sites like Metacritic do a good job of gathering a lot of opinions and articles like Gaming Blogs You Didn't Know Existed give a good recap of areas and sites to be checked for such opinions.

Not every gamer is the same nor is every game review so be careful with your purchase. Be smart, do research and rent, find out what games you enjoy and which sites enjoy the same games then trust them. Game reviews are just opinion, but then again that’s just my opinion.