Thursday, March 24, 2011

X-Men: Destiny Character Bio: Aimi Yoshida

Meet X-Men Destiny character Aimi Yoshida

The upcoming X-Men: Destiny video game will introduce a new cast of characters to the lore that is one of Marvel’s mightiest. These new characters follow a legacy of mutants began with Professor X’s first mutant team so not the easiest of burdens to bare. So who are these new mutants, what are their power and how will they play in-game? Let’s take a look at the first; Aimi Yoshida.

Name: Aimi Yoshida
Age: 15
Height: 5’ 1’’
Weight: 95 lbs

Powers: Small in size but strong in mental focus, Aimi is the mutant ability expert. She specializes in efficient mutant power usage. Aimi’s fighting style is very acrobatic and graceful

Back-story: Smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents before the entire family could be rounded up and incarcerated in the new mutant camps, Aimi arrives in San Francisco hidden on a tanker ship. She is too young and frightened to appreciate her parents' motivations for sending her away, and instead feels only the bitterness and anger of abandonment.

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