Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shadows of the Damned GDC Images

Action and horror combined in a tasty treat from EA

Sometimes a game just messes with gamers head, leaves reactions of ‘that’s just not right’ and Shadows of the Damned looks to be one of those games. Tons of action await as does some psychologically thrilling situations and images that should and will leave gamers a bit disturbed. The trailer and images draw comparisons to Resident Evil but the twisted imaginations crating Shadows really must have watched a few of the Hellraiser movies. Story tracks a former turned current demon hunter named Garcia as he tracks down his abducted girlfriend with the aid of a weapon transforming–into demon. Sounds standard but what promises not to be is the way light vs. dark weaves into gameplay from puzzles to combat.

Shadows of the Damned looks to twist gamers minds in an oh-so-sweet manner so keep an eye on this one so it hopefully won’t leave gamers alone in the dark but rather leave them with plenty of earth bound dead space.

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