Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plants vs. Zombies on PlayStation Network Impression

How does a touch screen game translate onto PSN; solid

So simply addictive is the best way to describe Plants vs. Zombies on PlayStation Network. The same addictive mobile gameplay translates quite well onto PSN. For any gamer who’s worried about the console marketplace getting consumed by crappy, quick ports of successful mobile games fear not. PvZ proves these games are worth the purchase on the go or on the console.

Gameplay – Gamers protect their house from hordes of zombies, not of the Resident Evil variety, but rather the comical variety. The only thing standing between gamer’s homes and these brain seeking beasties is a small expanse of yard, grass, roofing tile and it’s up to the plants to save the day. Zombies walk towards the house, gamer’s plant a variety of plants to stop said zombies. The game starts at a slower pace with 1-2 strips of grass (goes up to five) and zombies walk at a slow pace down these paths. The player plants seed shooting plants to combat these baddies. Other options include a sunflower (which creates extra sun, money to create more plants); frozen seed shooting plants, exploding cherries, timed mines and barricade potatoes (also used for lawn bowling-for-zombies). There are more plants to be unlocked but in the first hour or so gamers will have the taste of what’s to come as difficulty and baddies ramp up. 12 trophies and 21 mini-games (bowling) are two of the additional aspects of note. There are more gameplay features beyond the single-player campaign from co-op to versus.

Graphics – Bright and vivid with fun zombie and plant deigns. The settings look sharp and crisp in HD; it’s just a wonderfully bright and joyful game.

Sound – Slow moans of brains will blend into the background soon enough and the overall sound is nothing to write home about. Not bad, but it’s not a masterful video game score. PvZ is a great title to play to whatever tune or MP3 set gamers have on hand.

Design – Simple and addictive. Protect ones home and do it with a variety of plants. Simple and perfect design adds to hours of addictive gameplay. Rock solid design and the control scheme on PS3 works great with sensible mapping and use of the analog sticks.

Miscellaneous – The evolution of downloadable content continues. There is expansion content for console titles, download to own last-generation+ titles, updated arcade and puzzle titles as well as games like Plants vs. Zombies; mobile games at home. Seeing how the controls translate and how much this it’s to play at home, well it’s a great sign for fans of other mobile games.

Overall the gamers’ are right on when praising Plants vs. Zombies on PlayStation Network. It’s simple, addictive and very accessible and for a price that’s not too bad either.

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  1. There is also a touch screen version?
    I`ve played this game only on my laptop and i had a lot of fun. I will install it again :)