Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get In The Game with Resistance 3 Contest

Gamers get a chance to put their mugs, good bad and ugly, into Resistance 3

Get in the game with Resistance 3; simple enough for ya? So here’s the deal gamers, SCEA is giving gamers the chance to get their face placed in the upcoming Resistance 3 video game for PlayStation 3. The winner of this contest will make an in-game cameo and get a chance to meet the development teat at Insomnia Games which has a perk in itself of getting to play Resistance 3 before the general public. Pretty sweet, but what’s the deal to get in and win?

Gamers interested should visit From here upload a photo, channel that inner cos-player folks, of themselves in action, in a Resistance style battle. Full detail can be found on the site as are rules and details. More info can be found on the PlayStation blog. Get going now as Joseph Capelli and humanity’s fight for survival will soon begin again.

While waiting check out these Resistance 3 GDC screens.

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