Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UDON to release Mega Man Gigamix manga series

UDON and Capcom are set to unleash another great title. Are you paying attention?

Comics and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly, Mork and Mindy, beer and … well the point is they exist very nicely together. While big boy publisher like Marvel and DC Comics put out many video game tie-ins they are not the leader when it comes to comics based on video game series. UDON rules the day thanks to their relationship with Capcom and the slew of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Mega Man comics (just to name a few). UDON keeps the stories going through every iteration of their games from the more well known titles to the little guys. The latest video game related title is Mega Man Gigamix. Check out the exclusive images below then head over to UDON for more on Gigamix.

The question is why should gamers care? Simply put, for fans of these storied franchises getting this quality of artwork and story is just plain awesome. UDON hooks up some silly comics (check out the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom) to hard bound beautiful art books for the classy collector. The manga follows a more traditional manga format smaller than comics and in black and white. Mega Man Gigamix offers up very detailed art with the same unusual cast of baddies to fight found in the games. Here is the synopsis from UDON …

“This past year, Hitoshi Ariga’s classic Mega Man Megamix manga series was finally brought to English readers, much to the delight of Mega-fans who had been waiting to read the manga since its Japanese release over ten years ago. Now, with another decade of experience under his belt, Ariga is back with the all-new Mega Man Gigamix, an epic 3-volume manga series set to become the greatest Mega Man story ever!

Gigamix Vol.1 sets the stage with an exciting outer space adventure where Mega Man faces off against the Robot Masters of Mega Man 3, as well as the gigantic Gamma robot! The space setting of this tale acts as a prelude to Gigamix Vol.2 & 3, where all robots good and evil alike must join forces to defend the Earth from the ultra-powerful Stardroids! This two-part epic features every single Robot Master from the first eight Mega Man® games, plus fan favorites like Bass, Treble, Proto Man, Duo, the Stardroids, Rush, Beat, Roll, Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, Dr. Light, and of course the blue bomber himself – Mega Man!”

So there it is. UDON, a fine publisher of Capcom based comics (and more) is hooking up fans of Mega Man with some excellent content and that’s just the tip of the ice berg folks. Checkout UDON for more and enjoy the images.

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