Monday, February 7, 2011

LittleBigPlanet 2 Impression

Charming, polished and deep; Sack Boy delivers the goods yet again.

For any gamer who has ever uttered the phrase " I could create a better game" it's time to prove it. The ease of use, feature options available on LittleBigPlanet 2 on PlayStation 3 delivers a package that's as fun to play as it is easy to create on. A game that's cute on the outside with one he'll of a creative engine appeals to the single-player and multi all in the same package. What's not to love? Let's take a look.

Gameplay – Like the commercial says it really does everything. Let’s take this in chunk; Chunk 1 is the single player, platformer that’s story driven and highlights many of the aspects, physics found in LBP2. Gamers assume the role of Sack Boy and get to adventuring. Gamers can customize the look of Sack Boy, or Girl and even get to import LittleBigPlanet (1) purchases and costumes, very cool. Gamers run, jump, grab, throw, activate switches, avoid baddies and electricity in a very fun story. Chunk 2 is the creation aspect which utilizes a very deep yet simple to use interface for creating levels, games, events which can then be shared online, played with friends. This goes into Chunk 3 which is the creation ability. Create a kart racer, traditional platforming level, a puzzle game, sports game … the mind is the limit for creation in LBP2.

Graphics – Beautiful looking with tons of textures, lighting effects and detail that never lets LBP2 lose its charm. It really is a plain amazing looking title in its variety and will put gamers in a good mood just by playing. It’s very charming.

Sound – Voiced segments are nice, help drive the story and are well acted but knowing the storage capacity of a Blu-ray disc why not have more? The music has a charm that approaches Katamari Damacy and will have gamers humming without their knowing it.

Design – Not even going to try to cover the amazing design in LBP2. Gamers get one rock solid single-player title while also having one powerful creation tool which allows for some amazing levels. Some of the best created levels from the first title also make their way into LBP2 so a nice piece of continuation for fans. The hours which can be lost finding, buying, creating costumes for Sack Boy is simple amazing and fun. Top to bottom this is what a sequel should be with new ideas and a polish to what was an already great title, very well designed.

Miscellaneous – Importing LittleBigPlanet content is HUGE. Gamers spent hours, days, weeks playing the first title, creating content, buying costumes (love Marvel costumes) and being able to move these in, not start from scratch is rock solid. Not many games, almost none, give gamers the chance to pick up where they left off (how many times does a hero start from level 1?). A fine design decision which not only helps out fans but also offers a ton of launch day content for noobs.

Overall LittleBigPlanet 2 offers so much game that the above impression does not come close to covering every aspect properly. Sack Bots, playing with friends, sports and racing games … there is so much to LBP2 it really is amazing. What really unique is gamers of all ages, preferences can find something to dig in this one little Blu-ray. Not just a great game but a classic that PlayStation 3 owners need to get, not check out but flat out get, buy, purchase … you get the point.

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