Friday, February 4, 2011

Gaming on Friendship Day

Sorry St. Valentine but you've been PC'd

Friendship Day; the latest PC'ing of a holiday and/or event this time replacing Valentine’s Day. So with this shift from love to friendship how should gamers now celebrate? No more gaming with your gal or guy, it's time to game with friends (but don't we do this every day?) sadly yes but to be PC now it's time to look at a few of the newest and best games for friendship day. Are there more, yes, but these need to be shared on this very special day of friendship.
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 – Newest addition on the list and with the creativity options and multi-player features this is one great gaming experience that’s cute to boot. Customize even to make the environment, Sack Person, meet the likes of that special friend. 
  • Kinect and PlayStation Move – Yes the Wii gets points for being very established so why not try something new with some friends. While Move feels more like an extension of what Wii offers the jacked up graphics help for a new gameplay experience. Kinect really jacks up the friendship factor with motions, movements and fun not felt since gamers first picked up a Wii-mote. Get up and move with your buddies. 
  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band – Really, does this category need to be explained. Play and more importantly for non-instrument folks, sing away the night. There is music out there in droves so choice is not an issue with friends. 
  • Halo: Reach – Online friends, friends in the same room, friends looking for an amazing gaming experience for a much storied franchise. Be a Spartan with yo buddies. 
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Ah, for the darker friends it’s a less Sci-fi take on a fragging good time. Polished like no other the action in Black Ops is a thing of beauty and nothing says friendship like racking up kills as a team … or against each other. 
  • DC Universe Online – Create a hero and battle with or against the greatest heroes and villains on DC’s Earth and share with the virtual type of friends yet again … also works in World of Warcraft.
Point is folks that call it what you will, Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of gaming types and options to engage in with that special someone. Gaming guys and gals can get into the more ‘gamey’ first person shooters or online MMORPG’s but for the casual fans, those looking to buy boxes of chocolates or perfumes for their loved ones, there are options to make a special gaming moment for you also. Nothing says I love you like jumping up an down, side to side on a virtual raft.

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