Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biomega vol. 3 Impression

A Sci-fi Horror manga short on words, long on action and style

Tsutomu Nihei crafts and continues and interesting story with Biomega volume 3 from Viz but it’s not a tale for the faint of heart or lacking in concentration. The action is great but the story fairly detailed and not easy to just jump into. Start with volume 1 then head over for some volume 3 love. What does volume 3 offer up, let’s take a look.

Toa Heavy Industry agents Zoichi and Nishu continue on separate paths both heading for conflict with the Data Research Foundation. Armed with their AI enhanced bikes the two agents face off against N5S Virus created drones while peeling away the layers of a grand scheme that involves the transformation of humanity … but for what? The conflict moves to the Maximum Security Containment Facility 3 where the important Eon Green is being kept. What secrets does Eon hold and how does a talking bear, Kozlov, figure into the conflict? As a dangerous polymer is introduced into the infected drones causing them to break down the true plans of the DRF take shape but will Zoichi survive his conflicts to see the end game?

Cryptic in my explanation I am. I’ll fess up, I missed volume 2 but saying this I still got volume 3. See even in volume 1 the true plot, details, is lacking as Biomega is light on explanations so it require a few readings to get but it works and in large part thanks to the detailed, action packed art. The style is unique and reminds this reader of many a graphic novel from the 90’s that broke the perception of comics being just for kids (whose perception, a lot of people ok, who still considers anime just kids cartoons?)

Ok, forget that mini-rant, here’s the point. Biomega has a very heavy story that really requires paying attention to and filling in the gabs mentally. It’s a manga with an awesome art style that would look plain sick as an anime. Would I love to see more story; yes. Do I love what Biomega offers up in story and art; hell yes. So if you’re looking for a more mature story, futuristic with tons of action and very creative bad guys and corporations then checkout Biomega, its art is hot.

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  1. well ive never read it or seen it but i intend to thanks for the update