Sunday, January 23, 2011

Summoner Girl vol. 1 Impression

Can this Ayakashi hunter become the next leader of Exorcists?

A cute story about an innocent girl with immense powers and a potentially impressive destiny. Hibiki is not the average fourth grader and in Summoner Girl volume 1 form Tokyopop readers will learn what it means to wield power at a young age. Hiroshi Kubota creates a tale that shows how powerful a little lady can be no matter the obstacles. What’s it all about, let’s take a look …

Hibiki may be in fourth grade but as the latest in a long line of exorcist she wields power to defeat dangerous Ayakashi. Using the powers of elemental Shikigami, who control her body, Hibiki takes on these troublesome spirits. Her grandmother has grander plans for her as she task Hibiki with finding the six magical jewels, Rikutou, that will make her the next leader of the Exorcist Underground. Hibiki is not the only one out for these jewels as a rival makes an appearance as does the bumbling somewhat spiritually talented Kenta Oda. From a troubled fox spirit to collection of spirits at a temple the troubles for Hibiki are just beginning but with such a cheery personality it’s hard to notice.

So the story is not revolutionary but it has that magic that makes readers want to follow, to see what’s next for Hibiki. She has great power but her challenges are just beginning. She’s very likeable as is those supporting characters around her, even her crazy grandmother. Each Shikigami has a unique and funny personality while Oda steals the show at times with his forgetfulness. What Hibiki shows is anything can be overcome with friends and not always with force. Sometimes observing and listening helps. I like the story for its mix of action and innocence. The art helps with it’s very magical girl look. It’s solid and well done, easy to look at and contains a great amount of detail which only enhances the solid story.

Overall Summoner Girl won’t set any new standards in manga story telling but what it delivers is a well drawn, solid story about a girl coming into her true role in life and the journey to get there. Solid and fun, a good read for the young and young at heart.

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