Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Butler DVD Set Part 1 Impression

Is ones soul worth the best butler on Earth?

Stylish and classy with a bit of the dark mixed in. Black Butler from FUNimation will satisfy fans looking for a more sophisticated, less gruesome anime that feels parts Hellsing and parts Pandora Hearts. What’s not to love I say; but oh first you need to see to believe. What’s it about, let me tell you.

He may be powerful, the watch dog of the queen of England and he may be young but one thing Ciel Phantomhive is not is a pushover. The young lord rules his estate with an emotionless fist in which he holds the most unlikely of swords … his butler. Sebastian is quite simple one hell of a butler as he often say and not only does he make the best tea and keep the best household but he is also contractually bound to Ciel, a bond only a demon can forge. Sebastian has served Ciel’s family before and will continue to do so after Ciel is gone but while they both reside in the land of the living their task is to hunt down those that do evil, especially of the super natural type. From a town haunted by a demon dog to a mysterious camera and even involvement with reapers no day is ever dull. Add to this an interesting crew of servants and the running of normal business and Ciel is anything but an average boy but luckily he has one hell of a butler to guide him and protect his soul.

First the animation; beautiful with a very shoujo look similar to that seen in Pandora Hearts or Ouran High Host Club. Don’t let these comparisons fool you as the old English style and class hides a darker story where contracts are sealed with demons and bumps in the night can be very bad things. This compares to the look seen in Hellsing with a bit more polish. These are proper noble folk with their servants and real world settings. It’s a great looking anime with a high level of polish on the animation and action but it’s all driven by the story.

Ah the story; poor Ciel, so young but his path already determined. The mystery to his contract with Sebastian is not revealed in this first volume but like any good story it’s hinted at with more and more players introduced as the story progresses. Does Sebastian really care about Ciel? One question as well as the Phantomhive family history that will intrigue viewers. Thing is the story is really well done with great pacing, really solid characters a nice mix of humor and a variety of mysteries to be resolved. The larger plot keeps moving all the while sucking viewers into caring about Ciel and Sebastian knowing this can’t end well.

So overall who do I recommend this to … anime fans who like Pandora Hearts, anime set in old English times where the ladies and gents are classy and a dark, super natural entity lurks in the shadows. Borderline reality anime that is almost believable. Fans of the gore in Hellsing won’t be happy but fans of the demons, action and setting in Hellsing will be happy. This is quite simple one hell of an anime.

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