Friday, December 17, 2010

Dusk volume 2 Impression

More vampire action for Eve awaits

Dusk volume 2 from David Doub gets deeper into the vampire world main character Eve lives in and shows the harsh reality she has to embrace as well as a lighter side. Eve is a deep character and even after reading two volumes of Dusk there is still so much more to be explored. Let’s take a look at each chapter and see how the unique art and story compare, which dominate, which wither. Most defiantly worth noting that the cover art by Joamette Gil is outstanding and shows off a level of passion only a master and servant in love could share.

Route 66 – Art by Sean Carner: Eve encounters a hunter and after some banter it’s time to race in two slick cars. Storywise that’s it, an evening race for Eve that introduces the threat and thrill of hunters. Fun story with art that reminded me of Archie comics (look it up young-uns). A fun look at Eve with a serious ending, great way to start the book.

Bad Mojo – Pencils by Jolene Houser, Inks Jerry Gonzales: A darker tale that shows the world of those with power, the ability to create hexes. One such user targets Eve but finds her power is not up to snuff. Story point of note is the introduction of another faction against the vampires, regular human, thinks wiccans, which know how far they can go against not only vampires but their servants such as Eve. The art goes from being solid to lose but overall relays some great emotion in the characters for their loss and anger. Using Eve as more a third party in this tale shows the flexibility of Doub’s world.

The Endless Desert War – Art by Zhongping Chem: A short tale about Eve and a dead soldier. Not too long on story but the art is unique, very heavy on shadows that reminds of a younger day of Hellboy art. Lots of potential, good start but overall not too memorable.

Obey Your Master – Art by Jerry Gonzales: The art is very simplistic with minimal background work but it’s the story, building a connection with a servant to see the brutal ending. If ever a tale shows the fine line Eve tows with her master it’s this one where humans are cattle to the most powerful of vampires and their ways.

Love in a Bottle – Pencils by David Faught, Inks Walter Jimenez II – Another short tale for Eve that shows off her partying, fun side. The art is a more grownup, detailed take on Eve and it works well, again with potential.

Teenage Vampire Drama – Art by Jolene Houser: The art style is closer to being pure pencil work with minimal ink, but it works really well. Yes there is the polish issues seen in other tales but the story is a trip. Is this a poke at all the teen vampire tales? That’s all I can think as the story of a teen vampire and his human love, how it plays out and how Eve scares them straight is great.

Good Samaritan – Art by Jerry Gonzales: Few pieces of art, not too detailed but they are meant to support the novel style story. Yet another new direction for talking about Eve as her style and world has been established. Could we see a longer novel format for Eve, an origins tale down the road?

Overall if you picked up the first Dusk and enjoyed it, this is more of the same. Solid story telling with art that ranges from simple to solid. A great mixture of fun, action packed and sad tales that shows a world of vampires both brutal and full of rules. The bonus sketches look great and I personally would love to see a tale with just these pencils, free of ink just for a changeup … but that’s just me. Vampire tales are so much fun and unique and Doub has entered this world with both fangs blazing.

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