Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl Blu-ray Impression

Gory, over the top action that would make Tarantino proud

Twisted and a little sick. An endearing description of the action found in Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl on Blu-ray from FUNimation. While known for their anime release library, FUNimation has seen quite a few solid live action features put out on US shores, titles with a more historic setting, a serious tone … until now. The action and gore found in VG vs. FG is reminiscent of so many 80’s horror flicks. The special effects are cheesy at times while the acting is, well it’s acting but this is why we love this type of movie. While not for everyone there is most definitely an audience for this genre of gore and over the top action. Who are you and what do you like, let’s see.

Monami is just an average school girl nobody seems to take notice of even on Valentine ’s Day when all girls’ chocolates but hers are confiscated. She managers to deliver her chocolate to Mizushima with a bit of a secret. The filling is blood, her blood and Mizushima is about to be transformed into a vampire. Issue with this is his forced upon him girlfriend Keiko is not cool with this and tries to stir up trouble only to end up … well as Frankenstein girl. The action kicks into overdrive as a serial killing, psycho principal and his twisted nurse assistance reconstruct a few students and the fight is on. A grudge over a boy soon escalates into Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein girl and nobody is safe.

Ok so this is not an Academy Award winning plot. The story has many more funny and offensive points from the opening killing scenes to the African centric student group and the wrist cutting club. This feature does not worry about offending anyone but that’s just the beginning. The special effects are so ridiculous they are great and the action is very, very over the top. The actors ham it up from the very beginning and why not with this much blood spewing all over the screen and such a twisted group of individuals contained in one school.

Overall Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is a guilty pleasure. It’s sick, gory, sadistic, bit perverted and just plain not right at times but it works for what it is. A film that knows it wants to be gross and over the top but at the same time fun and entertaining. Look at the cover, read the description, it is what it thought it is and so tasty to watch.

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