Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I-play's Pigeon Squadron Impression

Dropping these bombs is tons of fun on iPhone

Easy to learn, addictive and fun. The secret formula to popular and profit driving games on iPhone. With a very large library of titles to choose from, iPhone owners may need a little guidance on games worth the duckets. I-play’s Pigeon Squadron is safely in this group of games worth said duckets but why? What makes this bird bomb dropping romp worth iPhone owner’s hard earned case? Let’s take a look.

Gameplay – Assume the role of an elite member of the paramilitary pilot pigeon squadron and take flight as its bombs away on people, cars, pets and more. A variety of missions and pigeon types vary gameplay but the core mechanic is dropping pigeon bombs on targets while turning and tiling the iPhone to turn, speed up and slow down. Great use of the motion in iPhone mixes with addictive gameplay that nails the simple and addictive angle of a good game on the go.

Graphics – Bright and vivid in its colors with a fairly flat top down view. The targets vary as do the environments and the cartoony look never gets old through 40+ missions. The visuals match the funny and addictive gameplay.

Miscellaneous – The fact the iPhone is an iPod seems to go over many developers’ heads so the simple ability to use ones music library in-game makes the gameplay move at an even faster pace.

Overall Pigeon Squadron is how a game should be made for iPhone. It’s pleasing to look at with straightforward and well developed controls and the concept is funny and addictive. Plenty of missions and pigeon types keep the game from becoming stale and for the price it’s a great purchase. Highly recommended for iPhone users looking for a fun gaming experience.

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