Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory vol. 2 Impression

When allegories become real it’s up to Hanako to step in

Detective Daisuke Aso is back in action in volume 2 of Hanako and the Terror of Allegory from Tokyopop. The porn mag collecting unique detective takes on some unique cases but what happens when the allegories take notice of him, go beyond their usual routines to attack the one who can stop them? That’s what this volume will tell as the fun continues thanks to the creative mind of Sakae Esuno.

As Detective Daisuke Aso takes on his most recent string of allegory jobs he Hanako and Kanae are quickly wrapped up in cases that are much more real, more targeted against the snooping trio. Hanako shows off her computer skills in helping resolve these new cases that see Kanae again possessed by a wish granting allegory while a half-body Teke-Teke is on the prowl. A twisted, possessed, group of school girls show that beauty is not everything and almost causes a few detectives their lives. Nothing compares to the danger presented by the Kitou-Kokkuri which targets Aso and pushes him to the edge revealing what he truly is.

I love these stories. See, with Hanako readers won’t get this mind blowing art, not really super solid art but a unique style that fits the allegory tales it tells. From an art standpoint it’s the urban legends that need to shine and they do. Esuno brings these tales and creatures to life and they look as disturbing as they should. No, it’s not the art but these stories, how they are translated to real life and how Aso, Kanae and Hanako interact with them, how they defeat them. There is also the larger mystery of what is Aso and how his interaction with allegories puts him in danger, it’s quite cool indeed.

Overall I said this with a look at volume 1, but with Hanako and the Terror of Allegory manga fans get a manga not high on the art food chain but plenty high on story. It may be my fascination with the paranormal, with myths and legends, but this is one manga I really, really enjoy for its unique creative angles.

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