Sunday, October 24, 2010

Star Wars: The Old Republic Dark Horse comic Impression

Dark Horse provides the prequel comic for BioWare’s upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic

Even with a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic which will be full of history and back-story there is always room for more outlets to tell the tale. Enter Dark Horse and their three issue Star Wars: The Old Republic: Threat of Peace comic which introduces the main players, conspiracies and a few settings in which gamers will immerse themselves. The question is why should gamers care, what is the point of reading these comics? What about the comics themselves? How does the art stack up, the characters and writing, all solid or no? Well, let’s take a look.

The Story – After centuries spent on the outer reaches of the galaxy the Sith Empire has returned to wage war on the Jedi and the Senate they serve. With both sides spread across the galaxy engaging in battle that ends in stalemates the Sith Dark Council decides to extend an offer of peace to the Galactic Senate. The question is can it be trusted or is the ensuing cease fire just a way for the Sith to move their forces in secret? The two sides meet on Alderaan to discuss the treaty but not everyone involved believes the proposition. As Sith Lords with their own agenda invade Corusant many are swept up in conspiracy filled agendas. As the war begins anew Jedi and Sith will clash with bounty hunters and senate soldiers thrown into the fray and nothing in the Old Republic is safe.

High level view of the story setting the stage but the story does much more than by introducing the key players in the upcoming BioWare game. Meeting Jedi Satele Shan, Bounty Hunter Braden and Lt. Tavis makes these books worth the read. These are just three of the characters, main ones in these comics, that set the stage for what to expect in The Old Republic. They show a few of the character classes, how they interact and how unique this game will be. Different personalities, agendas, settings … it’s all laid out here for fans itching to get into the game. The comics do a good job of setting the stage for such a grand story.

The Design & Art – The look and feel of the Old Republic has been established for years and seen in the Knights of the Old Republic games and comics. Jedi, Sith, troopers and bounty hunters all have unique attributes within a set mold and this can also be expected of the game. The art is very, very solid with a realistic look to each character and setting. TOR won’t win any awards on its art but it gets the job done and looks way better than some of the previous Star Wars comic art. Good effort and shows Dark Horse did not mail it in on this series to make a buck.

Why Gamers Should Care – Characters, planets, settings, design, story … the beginning for The Old Republic video game. When it comes to a game like TOR fans expect an engaging story, which they will get, but having a chance to expand that story in a good comic, well that just can’t be missed.

Overall having read prior Dark Horse Star Wars comics and seen the variety of art from poor to outstanding, The Old Republic finds a nice niche above middle ground. The story is solid but the game will be needed to complete it while the art is better than average. There is solid pacing and readers get a taste of all aspects of conspiracy in TOR. The game is going to be outstanding and the comic has set the stage.

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