Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mikansei No. 1 Manga Impression

Two volumes, one enjoyable story. Mikansei No. 1, volumes 1 and 2 from Tokyopop combine time travel with pop idol-ism. A unique combination but one that works. Created by Majikoi, known for the art of Code Geass, this is a good looking manga but what about the story, let’s take a peek.

Living in the 23rd-century is a drag for Vivacious Neo. Short skirts and singing are just two items not accepted by society and being a short skirt sporting idol-wanna-be, well it just does not work for Neo. While escaping school disciplinarians for her latest performance, Neo stumbles upon a container with a mist in it, one which when opened transports her back to the 21st-century. Quickly Neo finds herself in the middle of a stand-in performance for the very popular P-Shock, a performance which catches a certain producer’s eye. Soon she’s teamed with Saya, a boy hoping for his own break. In order to get signed to a record deal the two must learn to perform together and produce a specific turnout at a park performance. Challenges from other groups, personality conflicts and request to return to the future are just a few of the hurdles Clap= must face. Will they succeed? Will Neo return to the future before the big performance? Will Saya and Neo build the chemistry needed to be a successful duo? So many questions and the clock is ticking down to performance time.

Ok fans, those familiar with Code Geass will see the similarities but this is a much more playful story which the art reflects. There is no lack of detail and personality in each character or setting. I love the art, love the cover art and the characters are fun. Both the art and story mesh to deliver a story that is as enjoyable to read as look at. The issue is it’s over too soon. Two volumes of this idol singing, time traveling story is not enough. There are mysteries (no spoilers) about Neo’s past, friends and possibly other time travelers that are never fully answered. That being said these teasers are the one drawback as just when readers are getting hooked … boom, it’s over. The relationship building between Saya and Neo is enjoyable, seeing their past, why Saya is so driven; it really does build a good story.

So here is what Mikansei No. 1 does. It delivers great art, uniquely designed characters in a story that unique in its concepts of time travel, idol singing but familiar in its relationship building. Two volumes is a decent investment but it’s over way too soon. A third volume would have been welcomed to flesh out some of the past detail but now I’m just nitpicking. A nice diversion from all the action, fighting, long, long, long manga series. Check it out for the art but keep it for the story, good times.


  1. You make it sound like the mangaka did the art for code geass but they only drew one of the code geass manga. Clamp where the people who did the original character designs for code geass.

  2. i like the way its been painted
    and the story is realy enjoyable
    but i never heard the name Majikoi befor.

    sry 4 my bad english :)