Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Babelgum on the MMO Lifestyle

Welcome to the second guest blog post this time taking a look at two very interesting gaming subjects. First up is Gamers which takes a look at the MMO lifestyle while The Battle for Our Minds takes on those who's live have been influenced by computer games. Enjoy, check out the links and give some impressions. 

Gamers takes a close look into the mysterious MMO (massively multiplayer online) lifestyle, revealing the lives of dedicated players across the country. Documenting his adventures to gaming conventions, basement lairs, and game companies, director Ben Gonyo talks to everyone from “Super Fans” at World of Warcraft conventions to staunch critics, game designers, and even gaming celebrities such as Red Sox star pitcher Curt Schilling, comedian Jay Mohr, and New York Times bestselling fantasy author RA Salvatore. 

The Battle for Our Minds tells the stories of people whose lives have been deeply influenced by computer games. Using the microcosm of game fans in the USA and Korea and game developers working for Microsoft as a magnifying glass to reflect upon the broad social, moral, and political impact of this new medium, Halcort explores to what extent these games have impacted individuals identities and lives today.

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