Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Predators and Pro Zombie Soccer on iPhone Impression

The iPhone is very, very relevant in the gaming space with quick and easy downloads at (mostly) reasonable prices. Some games offer deep gameplay while others are gimmicks looking for a quick buck. We are here to take a look at two games from Chillingo to see if they stack up and warrant a purchase. Let us begin …

Pro Zombie Soccer – Sadly this is not a new entry in the Sega Genesis EA Games Mutant League series of games but rather a shooting gallery fest. Swarms of zombies attack, some slow, some fast, some strong, some very disco but all out to kill. Seems a failed soccer prodigy is bitten by his hero, zombiefied, soccer star and must save his friends before he becomes a zombie also. The locations may change but the action remains the same. Gamers must point, kick and destroy every zombie thrown their way in quick gameplay levels full of blood and style. Style; this is what makes Pro Zombie Soccer fun to play, the game looks awesome, bright and vibrant. The gameplay is straight forward enough with special moves thrown in but it’s the art style and story sequences that are a pleasure to watch.

Overall is Pro Zombie Soccer worth a purchase? Yes, if gamers have a gut for blood and comic violence that can get head popping over the top at times. A perfect portable gaming experience with quick and good looking levels it’s a title made (duh!) for the iPhone and better than many point/shoot titles on the phone.

Predators – Based on the movie of the same name, a franchise that’s been sub-par since Predator 2. Take on the role of a young Predator and let the hunt for dangerous humans begin. With simple touch-screen controls and plenty of human prey types to take on the third-person action keeps going for hours. Collect trophies, upgrade tech and climb the leader board. Solid graphics and solid gameplay that makes a gamer wonder why can’t the movie franchise get it right?

Overall Predators plays so similar to Vampire Origins which is a blessing and curse. The smaller screen controls well but fat thumbs can hide onscreen action. The combat is fun, a great bloody time killer with plenty of depth and fun. A good game worth the purchase even if the movie was blah.

To the point, yeah, but these are not million dollar development games, they are fun diversions and this is what mobile, iPhone games are all about. Pro Zombie Soccer is fun, easy to get into and has a great art style while Predators takes the Vampire Origins formula and skins it perfectly for a deep gameplay experience. Both titles are not for kids but both are worth checking out.

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