Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dragon Ball Season 5 DVD Impression

Dragon Ball Season 5 on DVD from FUNimation is a must have for DBZ fans. This season is the bridge from a young Goku to the insane action to come in DBZ and as quickly as Goku grows so does the series. So what happens to make this fifth season of Dragon Ball so memorable, let’s take a look.

After defeating King Piccolo the group recovers and rest while mourning the loss of close friends. But all is not lost as Goku soon learns from Koren that he can revive the Eternal Dragon and thus his friends by travelling to see the Guardian of Earth Kami. Goku makes the journey and agrees to undertake three years of training with Mr. Popo and Kami in order for the Eternal Dragon and his friends to be revived. Kami is a bit of a surprise for Goku as his and Piccolo’s origin is revealed and preparation for the next martial arts tournament begins. Goku now knows that Piccolo Jr. will be there and it’s another battle for the fate of the planet. Training complete a more grown-up Goku meets up with his friends as well as foes old and new at the tournament which takes the destruction to new levels thanks to Jr. As the battle concludes Goku sets out to marry Chi Chi and fulfill his childhood promise of marriage but a little fire is in the way.

So there you go, one tournament over, another set of training, another tournament and a marriage. Good times but not the reason for DBZ fans to dive in. What makes this a must for DBZ fans is it is Dragon Ball Z lite, like a pilot episode of a TV show … a long one but concept holds true. Dragon Ball had a heavy focus on searching for the Dragon Balls, something not done too much in season 5. The tournament is front and center again, as is training but it’s the Z style/trends this takes on that is worth mention. No longer are the fighters doing Roshi training or even Korin but now there is Kami. Training in the Time Room, going to the past, using energy and flying … these are Z styles of fighting not seen too much in DB. The look and fell, Goku is older, Chi Chi is older … all the fighters are older and set in the manner they will appear in DBZ and as bad as King Piccolo was, Piccolo Jr. brings that true bad guy center stage with the battle he brings. Another Z trend is the case of an old enemy that was tough to be coming back and being whupped up on but good. This would be Cyborg Tao, just wait till you see what Tien does to him. Aliens in the room, a nice hint at future. Hero tells Yamcha while fighting him he’s an alien, Hero being Kami in disguises trying to stop Jr. (Piccolo). Well that comment carries so much unseen weight as Kami and Piccolo are aliens and the Z Saiyans (Goku) are aliens, a nice nod to the future when the battle for earth is carried out by aliens and ½ humans, good times. The tail is also gone, just gone, and no more. Goku also shows fair play, letting Piccolo live which has huge impact on Z and is not the last time a Z fighter lets an adversary live. The battles are also way over the top with more special moves, faster fighting and more destruction. Its Dragon Ball Z lite folks.

Finally the biggest reason for DBZ fans to dig in and dig in deep is it’s new. I’ve seen all the original VHS, DVD, DVD re-release, Z Box, Kai and on and on so many times. I know the DBZ storyline, battles and action but I did not know this full battle. It’s not kiddie, it’s not young Goku (the whole time) it’s much much more, it’s Dragon Ball as it bridges the gap to Dragon Ball Z and it’s so refreshing. The animation may be dated but the voice acting and memorable characters are top notch as is the action. Not to be missed, did I mention this before? Not to be missed by any DBZ fan, it’s great and just what I was hoping it would be.

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