Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trauma Team on Wii Impression

A game fit for the Wii. Trauma Team takes operation to whole new levels with not only surgical procedures but investigation and drama, not to mention a steep learning curve. Gamers now get a chance to take on multiple levels of trauma but is more, well more? What happens when CSI meets E.R., let’s take a gander.

Gameplay – Take the successful Wii operation simulation and add in more disciplines and doctors. Take on surgery, endoscopy, orthopedics, forensics, first Response and diagnosis. It’s not all about operation now as gamers must look at crime scenes and use their brain quite a bit. Put in the most simple of terms this is a collection of hospital based mini-games. Fun, well built but with a steep learning curve and lots of reading to just get to surgery.

Graphics – The doctor models are Persona anime perfect and scream for a true anime spinoff but the in-game look is anything but award winning. The body is recreated admirably but like most Wii titles there is a lack of graphical power missing. In motion comic scenes move the story along but imagine real top level graphics of bodies, the level or realism then. But alas it’s not to be so and for a more casual system such as the Wii has become it’s a fitting graphical look that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Sound – Dramatic and forgettable. Gamers will be concentrating on the task at hand that the music just blends into the background … that’s it. BGR at its semi finest but nothing more. Sound effects in surgery can be twisted addictive but otherwise the beeps of the heart monitor will haunt many a dream. The fairly extensive voice acting is solid, the best of the soundtrack.

Design – Solid no matter which doctor track the gamer takes on. Operations are creative and fun while diagnosis and forensics will keep the gamer jumping. The character design match their professions and personalities while the cases and gameplay flow very well. Well designed gameplay, nuff said.

Miscellaneous – This ain’t your daddy’s operation. While it’s all fictional the terms and body parts worked on are really real and while I doubt Trauma Team will create a new generation of doctors it will spark the interest of some and lead to a love for all things medical. Who said a game can’t teach.

Overall Trauma Team delivers on all the surgical action fans want with additional procedures and cases to appeal to Ace Attorney fans. Solid game and character design mix with unique gameplay, great voice work and a need to heal. A great starting off point for those new to the franchise as it’s more than just surgery.