Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Impression

Mario and Link; simply two names but to gamers so much more. These two names speak of quality, nostalgia and hours of fond gaming memories both 8 and gazillion bit in nature. While Link is still waiting a truly next-gen grown up adventure Mario has no such issues with a smash hit sequel in Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii. Let’s cut to the chase, the game is great on every level and for every age. Even on the Wii with limited graphical superiority the looks of Galaxy 2 will amaze it’s just pure gaming bliss and it is the new Mario. Super Mario Bros. on the NES is iconic while Super Mario 64 established new levels in gameplay and 3D and now with Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo has done it again with a game that defies gravity. Super Mario Galaxy 2, how do we love thee, let us count the ways …

Gameplay – Ah the game map, how I’ve missed thee. A staple from Super Mario Bros. 2, gamers are introduced to Galaxy 2 in a very homage based side-scrolling view that guides them into the gameplay mechanics of 3D and does not feel like the usually mandatory training sequences. From here it’s all about solid Mario platforming fun as gamers must take on a planet sized Bowser to save the Princess (yup, again). Complete levels to grab the Stars and Comet Coins but it’s not that simple. New power-ups and old buddy Yoshi are along for the ride so vets of Super Mario Galaxy need not fear a new level rehash. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is all new and quite unique. The level of design and creativity will remind gamers why anyone can love Mario. Platforming at its finest on any system. 

Graphics – A legitimate knock on the Wii is it does not boast the graphical power of the PS3 or Xbox 360. While this is true Nintendo knows how to get the most bang out of their system and Galaxy 2 proves the point with sharp, crisp characters and amazingly colorful and vivid environments. It’s a bit more polished from the first Galaxy title but the overall look and feel is the same. It’s more Super Mario Galaxy which is a great thing. The only complaint is why can’t Nintendo run a boot camp with all the major third party publisher and teach them how to make this level of polish … it’s that good looking especially on a nice big HD TV. 

Sound – Lots of text boxes but not a bad thing. There are snippets of spoken text but one of the charms of Mario’s 3D adventures is the limited text. The music contains iconic tunes, remakes and new tracks that carry the gameplay and just add to the delicious package. The sound and music in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is nothing, nothing to complain about. 

Design – Creative and imaginative are understatements. Moving around, up, down, through and side-to-side, there is no boundary on Super Mario Galaxy 2. Every level offers up amazing challenges that will leave the player saying ‘did I just do that’ and will warrant hours of time to be stolen by Mario. 

Miscellaneous – Super Mario Galaxy is the whole package, it’s what gaming is all about and shows that not everything new is old, sometimes it’s truly new. 

Overall, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an engaging, beautiful and complete gaming experience that warrants tons of replay to unlock every bit of gaming goodness in this tasty treat. Mario is that good … now for that game creation clinic Nintendo needs to deliver to every Wii publisher.

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  1. I am very glad to hear the good news. Finally the Wii Super Mario edition is now out.