Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Madden Monday’s at GameStop

Now that the Madden NFL 11 demo is here what’s next? What’s a football starved gamer to do while waiting for the tantalizing gridiron action that EA delivers every year? It’s simple, check out Madden Monday’s at GameStop. Five weeks are in the books with each showing a different tip/trick of in-game gameplay.

Each week shows off the enhanced and realistic gameplay of Madden and serves as a primer for new and improved features, very nice. There is also a chance to win a trip to the Madden Tournament Finals, but you’ve got to check out the site to see what this is about. The contest is through text entry and the best thing about this type of giveaway/contest is there is no purchase needed. Go for the content to see the game, get tips and feature updates or just check in each week to try to win a trip, that simple.

Why Gamers Should Care? Pre-orders are great and GameStop has been doing a ton of these especially with digital content. This promotion with Madden is unique in it’s not a one shot. There is reason to come back each week, no cost and a chance to win a trip, multiple chances. For Madden gamers it’s a no brainer but for the average gamer it’s an extensive way to see what all they hype is about and just how deep Madden really is. A cool promo and once worth bringing to everyone’s attention before the game gets a review.

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