Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Klondike Everyman Challenge game Impression

Klondike Everyman Challenge
Game 2 of 3 in the Klondike Everyman Challenge is underway but what is it? It’s a series of online games and contest. The first game and contest is over but there’s still a chance to win but should gamers care or is this just a marketing ploy? Well duh, it’s most definitely a marketing ploy but Flash games can be a fun distraction and grow cultish so that’s the question. Where does Klondike sit, let’s take a look …

What Type of Game(s) is it?
Three games to play, two available now, the third at end of July. Game 1 is Pack Master, an angled take on Tetris which is unique in its angle that has players packing the trunk of a car with junk. Game 2 is Bar Slinger, a slingshot shooting gallery game which feels perfect for smart, touch phones but not as fun as Pack Master. Game 3 is Concession Stand Hero … and there are no details yet. So two fun games so far built on popular Flash formulas but what about the contest?

What is the Hook?
The hook right now is the 3-D entertainment system which players can submit to win. What to submit, a video of course so the winner has got to be creative which adds a nice element to what’s usually a ‘enter email’ to win process. The prize on the next game will really appeal to gamers as it’s a tricked out game room … sweet!

Why Should Gamers Care?
The chances to win seem decent and getting a tricked out game room is worth the video creation. So far the two games are fun to play and worth a quick play or two but don’t expect the next Mario Bros. or Halo, these are fun and time consuming games, nothing more.

Klondike has offered up two (soon three) games that are fun and promote a contest that is both original and been done before. Many contests have used games and many have used entries and the combination of the two `works really well. Play the games or create a video and enter to win. Easy, straightforward and of course sponsored. A model that other companies can follow. There is also plenty of social media plugged in for promotion with friends to get really creative with friends.

What’s the Future?
Consoles my friends, consoles. Offer these three games as permanent downloads on each system and offer an easier, social media integrated video submission process (using the console cameras) and you’ll begin to see console download gaming married with social media and an online contest … this is why gamers should get behind this type of media and push for further innovation.

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