Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kekkaishi Free Episode Impression

Free Kekkaishi Episode on iTunes
I LOVE free downloads on iTunes from weekly music to free episodes of TV shows. Not only does it give plenty to watch on the go, new content to be exposed too but it also builds an audience, which is the purpose. There is mucho anime on iTunes and one such provider of this content, Viz, has hooked up iTunes owners with a free episode of Kekkaishi. Now can this one episode build an audience … yes and no. Here’s the thing I’ve always said. An anime series needs to capture the viewer with the first disc, the first 4-5 episodes. If a buyers is not hooked after 1-2 hours then no dice folks. The same is true of most TV based series, animated or not. So what about Kekkaishi? Let us delve away …

Yoshimori is a kekkaishi, a human tasked with guarding the barrier which stands between supernatural creatures and their potential, unknowing, human victims. His job is to guard the Karasumori region taking care of these beasties, containing them and then eliminating them. With childhood friend (and rival) Tokine Yukimura it’s up to Yoshimori to protect the barrier as has been done for generations. Balancing his night job with being a full time student is challenging especially when Yoshimori seems to ignore his lessons on both jobs. Night approaches, time to fight.

Yeah, kinda vague description but that’s what you get with one episode. Set to air on Adult Swim, Kekkaishi offers up standard animation and character design with … well can’t really tell what else. The first episode sets the stage for Yoshimori and Tokine, shows off their powers, their heritage, families, rivalries but that’s it. The stage is set but not much beyond the basics is seen. Again the animation is standard, meaning good without looking like poo. It’s a solid looking anime as most would assume an anime looks. The premise holds promise as mystical anime are always enjoyable from Inu-Yasha to Shonen Omniyoji. There is a foolish boy growing into his power thing at play here so if the whole young boy coming into power is your bag, then please check it out.

Overall a great free download that will satisfy anime fans and hopefully create a few converts. If anything else check out Adult Swim for more as it needs more anime and not re-runs of the excellent, dated Cowboy Bebop.


  1. Dood, I think you mean VIZ is giving away Kekkaishi, since it's their show. FUNi isn't involved with Kekkaishi at all.

  2. Dont know if I'm going to continue to watch this or not yet. After seeing the previews I was hyped, but after the first episode...considerably less so. How long is it going run for, do you know? I'll probably give it a couple more chances.

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