Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chaos Rings on iPhone Impression

Chaos Rings on iPhone
Square Enix is known best for their excellent RPG work from Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy. These titles are beautifully crafted filled with deep character driven narratives and tons of hours of gameplay. These titles are ambitious and quite complicated with tons of customization and menus for the gamer to tackle. So how do you take these more complicated role-playing features and tone them down for the iPhone without losing the oomph Square Enix is known for? The answer is simple, Chaos Rings. The latest entry from Square Enix on the iPhone offers up deep RPG gameplay with unique characters, engaging combat and an experience that will fulfill the gamer while keeping it simple. Why should gamers care, why should iPhone owners shell out the money for a double digit dollar app? Let’s take a look …

– It’s an RPG at its most basic as players guide their duo through random encounters, maze like levels and puzzles and level them up, equip them as needed to move the story along. Stopping short of calling this a beginners RPG but it does simplify everything from battles to the sometimes complicated menu system seen in the genre.

– Well executed 3D graphics are some of the best seen on the iPhone for an RPG. The game looks great and the in-battle characters look excellent. For seasoned RPG fans Chaos Rings will remind of some of the better PlayStation 2 RPG’s and is easily on par with RPG’s on PSP if not a tad better.

– The soundtrack is well rounded when compared to other Square Enix titles but not as memorable. A great pair of headphones will be required to truly enjoy what Chaos Rings brings.

– Characters are gorgeously designed and fall into obvious RPG roles from the sophisticated woman to the jaded hot head. Just look at each character and their personalities shine. The level design is bland but moves the narrative along while the creatures are varied and unique. The control design, menu layout is great for the iPhone as its simplified yet loses none of the charm an RPG should have.

– It’s an iPhone game and one that could make the jump to other handhelds with a few more tweaks.

Chaos Rings offers up a very orthodox RPG gaming experience with a level of polish shown by the pedigree that is Square Enix. This is the whole package and offers replay value, quick saves and easy to get in/out gameplay that should be ported up to both PSP and DS at a download, discounted price. One of the better portable RPG’s, funny how taking a simpler approach to design works sometimes.


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