Monday, May 3, 2010

Soul Eater DVD Set vol. 2 Impression

Soul Eater vol. 2 DVD Set
The second DVD collection of Soul Eater from FUNimation is as much fun, if not more so, than the craziness found in the first go-around. What is there not to love about Maka and soul as this series just gets ‘it’ on so many levels from story to humor and animation to design. Yup, Soul Eater is that good folks.

After a series of encounters that are anything but random, Maka and Soul must get back to normal, normal school work; normal training and they must also get their resonance fixed. Soul must also deal with the black blood running through his system and how, if at all, he tells Maka. Medusa moves her plan along as a faster rate as certain teachers become aware of her plans, plans that end with the unleashing of the Kishin. Death has his own secrets as the academy holds a much darker purpose, as it serves as a … well can’t spoil all the story can we.

Talking about Maka and Soul is only part of the story as Kid takes center stage for a while and as Medusa ramps up her plans so does the story unfold. Finding out who and what the Kishin is makes the tale take shape and gives structure to what has been a loosey, goosey story at times. The black blood also gets resolved, but not spoiling that either. Story wise it’s a great continuation to where the series began and builds on all the characters introduced in the first collection. Fun and stylish characters … annoying also with Excalibur. The animation is fluid and just plain awesome, a perfect match for the design style that is simple, over the top and stylish. If there are no Soul Eater shirts at Hot Topic yet the world is just not right.

Listen, I love covering series as they first come out and have learned that the second and sometimes third collections are more of the same and don’t always need more coverage but with Soul Eater I just have to talk about it. This is a stylish and fun series that is so unlike anything else on shelves right now. It oozes fun and I loved watching it and for this reason I’m recommending Soul Eater on so many levels.

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