Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scholastic iPhone Apps Impression

Clifford on iPhone
Not every iPhone game is mindless fun, quite the contrary. Many games will challenge the gamer to think, solve a puzzle or learn something new. Three such games that hit on different levels are from Scholastic and range from early childhood to more mature, in a clean way, fun. So without waiting let’s take a look at three games from Scholastic and see if they warrant purchase on iPhone …

The 39 Clues Madrigal Maze – In order to join admittance to a very secret global organization, gamers must navigate a series of mazes in ever increasing difficulty with traps, switches and more standing in the way. Quick thinking and deduction is needed as time limits will add to the pressure. The gameplay is simple, fun and very addictive. The later levels will challenge any gamer and it’s an app well worth the purchase. The graphics are top down and simple but it’s the solid gameplay that makes this title shine and worthy of younger kids to adults attention.

Clifford’s Be Big With Words – Spell words, hear them pronounced and see them in action. This is one solid app for kids, even little two year olds who drag and drop the first letter of a word are then presented with a variety of second letters and so forth till a real word is spelled and a painting of that word rendered with the word pronounced. It’s simple and teaches a variety of words and its all build around the popular Clifford franchise so perfect for fans. A solid kid’s app and 100% perfect for parents looking for an educational distraction.

I Spy Spooky Mansion – Puzzle solving, using collected keys to escape and advance in a scary mansion. The mansion has a very Clue feeling as it offers up a spooky atmosphere … yeah; title is spot on with spooky mansion. The core gameplay is moving from static screen to static screen finding clues and keys to open doors, gain access to new areas. Look and feel is decent, pulled from any adolescent scary book featuring a mansion. Overall this adventure is enjoyable but not very re-playable. It fits a larger demographic and younger tweens should enjoy the cranial challenge but older gamers won’t get too much from the experience.

these three apps from Scholastic are a mixed bag. Clifford is great for kids while Madrigal Maze is fun for all. Spooky Mansion is more niche. Three good titles and a variety of audiences so while these apps cannot be recommended to every iPhone owner each has its particular audience and the price points are good.

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