Friday, May 14, 2010

Deadman Wonderland vol. 2 Impression

Deadman Wonderland vol. 2
Action, story and excellent art; just three of the reasons readers should check out volume 2 of Deadman Wonderland from Tokyopop. Having covered the first volume I’ve been curious as to how the story continues to develop, if it gains steam of tuckers out. Even the greatest first volume of, well anything, can lose steam with a sad second entry but is this the fate of Deadman Wonderland, let’s see …

As Ganta recovers from his near fatal accident he becomes even more determined to confront the Red Man. Learning about a hidden section in the prison where another blood manipulator resides, Ganta takes it upon himself to infiltrate and take on who must surely be the Red Man he is hunting. As he makes his entry a new world, a world of Deadmen, is quickly thrown in front of Ganta. He learns the power he has is not unique and that he is but one of many Deadmen locked in this wonderland and pitted against each other in life or death fights where the loser dies or worse. As a Branch of Sin what does the future hold for Ganta? A life of combat or eventually vengeance against the one evil that changed his life.

The ride continues folks, no stream lost. Deadman Wonderland 2 ramps up the action, reveals more story and just plain rocks. The excellent art brings to life a world where innocents are framed and the sick and twisted minority revels in death matches of humans with special skills. It’s a sick and twisted story where no right, no good can be found. Know what, it’s sadistically delicious and a true guilty pleasure that I’ve developed as I cannot wait to see how the next battle continues, how Ganta grows and when will we see more of Red Man.

A mature story, great action and mystery mixed with excellent, I mean great art makes for a manga this fan cannot pass on and will only wish for an animated version of.

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