Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chillingo’s iPhone Apps Impression

Angry Birds
Portable gaming has changed since the days of the first Game Boy. The current generation of systems continue to evolve from the Nintendo DS XL to the PSPgo but the usual players are not the only players. The iPhone changed everything as it’s much more than just a phone. For many it’s the personal assistant that you just can’t live without and can be customized to no ends with a plethora of Apps. With the simplicity of the iPhone and low cost, mostly, of games are the traditional portable systems in trouble?

Let’s take a look at a few titles from Chillingo that offer up addictive gameplay at this lower cost and see if they help sway the argument to the iPhone.

Vampire Origins – Third person shooting fest features Vincent, a vampire hunter, out for vengeance on the bloodsuckers that killed his bride. Story is really of no consequence and the gameplay is not too shabby if a little short overall. Moving and targeting is easy enough and the game reminds of earlier PlayStation entries. The graphical look also reminds of these titles. Overall it’s not a bad title but a bit too steep for the price. If you love vampires and have extra duckets then take Vampire Origins for a spin.

Angry Birds – Mean green pigs steal the bird’s eggs and they are angry. Yup, that’s the story but the gameplay is major addictive as gamers utilize a variety of bird types to destroy the pigs in their structures and recover their eggs. Birds are launched with a finger controlled, pull back sling shot and while the concept is simple the actual execution is so addictive. Structures get more complicated and there are star rankings to obtain that make this a must have for the gameplay and price.

Guerilla Bob – Framed by his former childhood friend, Bob takes on the role of a mercenary to get his vengeance. Gameplay is straight up like Ikari Warriors and just as addictive. It’s a shooter with colorful enemies and plenty of weapons to choose. Mid-level on price but fun and addictive.

Overall the traditional handhelds are safe for now. While these titles offer up some great gaming fun they are shorter and feel better built for a wait in the doctor’s office than a long airplane ride. Anything over $5 feels too much unless gamers get into the longer RPG titles but with Angry Birds and Guerilla Bob there is nothing to lose and hours of fun to have.

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