Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 Impression

3D Dot Game Heroes
It’s true, it’s all true. 3D Dot Game Heroes is the perfect mixture of nostalgia and modern gaming. Taking all that was great about the original Zelda and improving upon it makes 3D Dot much more than a nod of the cap to the past. This title shines on its own to younger gamers with no inkling of what Zelda was all about and it sparks fond memories in older gamers. With the same charm as recent Lego titles, 3D Dot Game Heroes shines with a simplicity that will sap hours of fun from gamers. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

– You are the hero, girl, guy or other, and it’s your task as the descendant of the legendary hero to save the kingdom from an evil bishop. Travel the land, conquer dungeons, and gain new weapons and abilities. It’s in 3D but is straight up Zelda feeling and it’s done so well. Use the right weapons and abilities to solve puzzles in dungeons and complete the quest the king has assigned. It’s that simple and that much fun.

– Simple and sublime. The story of the kingdom going from 2 to 3D is funny and works. Every character, building, weapon, enemy, tree … everything is build with tiny blocks, similar to how the Lego games are build, with bright vivid colors. The game looks great while maintaining such a simple look and feel.

– 8 and 16-bit gamers will love the selection of tunes that are a direct tribute to Zelda and so many other games of that era. No large orchestras here just bits and bytes of music that helps set the mood.

– Brilliant design in taking what was great about titles like Zelda and moving them into 3D from dungeon design to puzzles. The overworld map, areas that can only be accessed with new weapons, heart containers … apples sorry, it all feels from the past but updated. The character designer makes gameplay even more enjoyable as gamers can create whichever iconic design they like, even sharks.

– Being able to pay homage to Zelda while adding in enough modern day tweaks and updates could not have been easy but it’s a fine line that 3D Dot Game Heroes manages to walk. The heroes’ sword reach and power based on health, the fairy companion with a basic name … the tips of the hat to the past, it’s all done so well.

3D Dot Game Heroes does not shy from showing its roots, its inspiration. Being able to accomplish the nostalgic feelings while creating a modern and enjoyable gaming experience is quite a feat. Atlus has crafted yet another sleeper hit that older and younger gamers will enjoy and which none should miss.

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