Monday, May 10, 2010

20 Video Games That Pushed the Envelope

So over on Best Online Colleges (it's an ad thing) there's an article called 20 Video Games That Pushed the Envelope and it's a great article for debate. Right off the bat I've got to ask where is the Leisure Suit Larry series of games? That being said this is a nice list that looks back to even the Atari days and checks in with modern day titles such as GTA.

While the article is a good read I would love to see a title like World of Warcraft added to the list as its the most recent example of a game that consumes the lives of it's players, offers hours and days of gameplay while also having a very negative effect on families, jobs and lives in general. There are very disciplined gamers who know when enough is enough but anyone, ANYONE, who tries to say that WoW is not abused, has not ruined and changed lives is just plain wrong.

What game do you think is missing from the list? Go ahead and add it and argue ... weight in now.

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