Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Wonderful World! vol. 1 Impression

What a Wonderful World! manga volume 1
What a Wonderful World! volume 1 from Viz is not the usual manga. This collection of stories, stories of average people in sometimes not so ordinary situations feels like a breath of fresh air in what is a world of manga filled with fantastical stories.

Stories of regret, not following through on a band with promise, pursuing that good corporate life that society dictates we must have. Living from day to day getting by on odd jobs. A school kid listening to the voices they hear, taking a chance. A man on the run becoming friends with a child who wishes for … nothing. A boy hooked on syrup who wants to fly, stories of ordinary life no matter how extraordinary the circumstances, these are the stories of a wonderful world.

A short description for a set of short stories from Inio Asano. No matter how tough life may feel or seem there are those with worse circumstances, with odd circumstances that must cross a path many have followed at one time in their lives. Giving up on a dream to become a normal part of society. Doing what is needed to fit into society as a child, walking the normal path. These stories remind the reader of choices made or foretells choices to be made. I’m not saying readers are going to have these set of choices but the fact is everyone has dreams at some point in their lives and as we mature these dreams are turned away for what society dictates. Few follow their dreams, few let the voices in their head guide them for ill or good.

Point is that for this reader What a Wonderful World! does is make me think. The stories are well told and enjoyable and mixed with art that guides the story but won’t wow readers but it’s the thinking that made these tales so thought provoking. What if the reader decided to drop everything, pursue their dreams? What if the reader has their own issues but seeing those of others helps them resolve themselves. For me it was gaining insight into myself, not for any life changing event but rather for the good fortune I have in my life. What a Wonderful World! indeed.


  1. Interesting. Budget is rather tight at the moment but I'll have to consider takking a look-see at this. And because this is how I roll, are honorifics included?

  2. 有用的才華若不用,便如同日晷儀放在陰暗之中......................................................