Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ratman vol. 1 Impression

Ratman Volume 1
Super heroes have vastly been confined to US comics from Marvel to DC but now a new kids on the block. Say hello to Ratman. Ratman volume 1 from Tokyopop created and illustrated by Inui Sekihiko is not your average hero; actually he’s not a true hero at all. How does this manga man measure up, let’s take a look …

The world has embraced heroes. Advancement in technology has allowed for the average man to become a hero, with corporate sponsorship of course. These hero’s hold different levels of fame, power and are marketed by corporations for image. Like any idol these men and women are also idolized by the public. Shuto Katsuragi is one such adorer, a boy with dreams of becoming a hero … except he’s really short for his age. Only the strongest, faster, best can apply to become heroes and Shuto just does not seem to measure up. One person believes in him, pretty classmate Mirea Mizushima and soon, after being kidnapped by Jackies, Shuto is recruited by the evil organization Jackal, equipped with a very unique piece of hardware and becomes Ratman. Once fake rescue later of a very familiar face and Shuto learns he is not the true hero he wants to be, and after his first assignment he learns that the hero’s he worships are not all they are cracked up to be. Does being a hero require corporate backing or does it come from inside? These are lessons Shuto will learn as he works for the nefarious Jackal.

So is Ratman, not really getting the name in this first volume, a worthy hero manga and does differentiate enough to warrant a purchase? Yes, yes … oh lordy yes. See I really liked this manga for the excellent art, funny story points (Jackies rock!) and the twist on what could have been a very average story. So first the art is superb. There is a more anime feel to the art than manga, it’s crisp, sharp and just pretty to look at. The look is more traditional anime but each character is unique and the members of Jackal, the Jackies are a flipping trip. I could read stories of these guys for hours. This could not have been an easy manga to draw on deadline, such a great quality, high praise.

So the art is good but what about the characters and story? So freaking good. This is not a short boy gets power, becomes hero, learns lessons tale. This is a short boy gets kidnapped, given powers because of his stature and made part of an evil organization because of a contract. It’s so absurd that is works oh so well. The deeper piece of the story that caught me is the fact Shuto is more a hero than those doing it for money, his ideals are hinted at and already seem deeper than those of the hero society. It’s also a story that has so much more to explore … like how does the watch work, how will the fights pan out, who are the real heroes. Yup, a potentially deep hero manga, good stuff, highly recommended.

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